Airstrikes on schools in the Syrian village of Hass (Idlib province) on October 26, likely to have caused the Syrian su-22, but the Russian aircraft may be involved in the bombing. This is evidenced by the results of a study video by a team of independent investigations of military conflict Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). In total experts have assembled 26 videos of an airstrike uploaded airstrike a day and the next day after it.

Last week in the Children’s UN Fund (UNICEF) stated that the shelling of the school in Hassa Wednesday, October 26, killing 22 children and six teachers. UNICEF Executive Director Anthony lake has called the attack the deadliest attack on a school since armed conflict began in Syria.

The Qatari television channel Al Jazeera and the British newspaper The Independent accused Russia of involvement in the tragedy. Meanwhile, the defense Ministry said that to check the UNICEF information about the air strike on the school experts analyzed data of all means of objective control of the air situation over the Northern part of Syria. “None of the aircraft HQs in the area did not go. It is an absolute fact”, – told reporters the representative of the military Department Igor Konashenkov.

In Twitter’s defense Ministry posted a photo taken with a Russian drone, which, as noted, do not see any damage to the roof of the school or craters from bombs in the surrounding the school area.

#SYRIA As seen in photo #Hass with the Russian #UAV, no damage to the roof of the school or craters from bombs in adjacent to the school district no

CIT: the bombing of a school in Hassa, most likely, made Syrian aircraft, but not ruled out the involvement of the Russian Federation 31.10.2016

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