British Bank NatWest, warned about the closure of the accounts of the British supplier of the Russian TV channel RT, did it at the request of the head of state the Royal Bank of Scotland “due to concerns about its conformity with the rule of “know your customer”, found the Agency Bloomberg. This principle requires banks to obtain reasonably complete information on legal entities and the nature of their activities and individual transactions.

Although the Bank may still refuse client, it is likely that the decision will be revoked, said the Agency source, who asked not to be named. Special directives of the British government to the Bank on the closing of RT was not. Now this issue is under consideration of the chief Executive officer of Royal Bank of Scotland Ross McEwan.

In a letter to the Bank contained the Board “to choose another way to conduct banking transactions, not through the company that is a member of the group Royal Bank of Scotland”.

Later it turned outthat the letter, under which the TV station announced the closure of their accounts, in fact, was addressed not to the Russian international channel and one of its suppliers – Russia Today TV UK Ltd. It is a company which is engaged in broadcasting in the UK, provides all the services RT and be responsible for the payment of salaries to British employees.

The Russian foreign Ministry issued a statement, hinting that this is seen as “action to eliminate uncomfortable for British officialdom, but the popular among the British public news site”.

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group denied the statement of the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan on closure of accounts. She Simonyan later said that “account is not locked and closed,” and added in Twitter: “After yesterday’s noise, the Bank now says it’s willing to discuss the situation. Although yesterday wrote that did not intend to discuss”.

In a message posted today on the website of the channel, States that “the Bank contacted RT and expressed readiness to discuss the situation”. “We won’t give up, we will do everything to preserve our broadcasting to our audience continued to receive information, at least some alternative information about what is happening in the world,” Simonyan added.

Practice know your customer needs to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion. The policy standards are set at the level of national legislation, regulations of Bank regulators and international organizations, such as the Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF).

Claims the British Bank for Russia Today TV UK associated with the policy “know your customer” 20.10.2016

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