Experts conducted psychological trainings with students of two classes in the Pskov school, where he studied two 15-year-olds, the victims in the house of the parents of one of them in the village of Strugi Krasnye in the Pskov region on 14 November. This was reported to journalists the Commissioner for children’s rights in the region Natalia Sokolova.

According to her, after the tragedy in the region is taking serious measures aimed at the prevention of such situations, including performances of psychiatrists, representatives of the Ombudsman and specialists of the Prosecutor’s office for parent meetings, as well as undergo a mandatory meeting with the children, reports RIA “Novosti”

The tragedy Sokolova declined to comment until the investigation is completed, “in order not to go to the level of emotions,” the Agency said. “We are waiting for results of forensic and psychiatric examination are working professionals,” said she.

Meanwhile, according to the Life, a day after the funeral of teenagers, the evening of the 18th, Sokolov was partying in a night club not considering it a disrespectful or incorrect.

“They died a horrible death? is given in the message of her words. – Declared mourning throughout Russia? It was their choice. Yes, I – the Commissioner. So what now? Probably some of those who were at the scene, was confused and thought that all it was possible to resolve it within the powers of those bodies which were in the place.”

The incident at the Strugi Krasnie caused a wide resonance. Members of the public started talking about what children could bring to the suicide, and that law enforcement officers acted in day of storm wrong, because not attracted to negotiate with adolescents, psychologists and school staff. In addition, there were suspicions that the children could have been killed during the assault.

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova protested the lack of psychologists and other pediatric specialists during negotiations with the murdered teenagers, and in this regard wrote an official appeal to the Prosecutor of the Pskov region.

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Pskov region Lev Shlosberg also protested the fact that teenagers nobody has been able to provide adequate psychological care, and asked the Investigative Committee to find out whether there has been incitement to suicide in this case.

The tragedy in Strugi Krasnie

According to investigators, 15-year-old Denis Ants and Ekaterina Vlasova from Pskov ran away from his parents after the girl’s mother caught them together, and a teenager shot her in the leg from travmatiki. After that, the pair barricaded themselves in a private house in Strugi Krasnie, 80 km from Pskov, owned by the girl stepfather, a law enforcement officer. According to investigators, cracking a safe with a weapon, 14 Nov teenagers fired a gun on a police car.

The live broadcast took place with them, the teenagers were at Periscope, photos and videos published in Instagram Denis. In the latter filmed their video students say that on the eve of the storm passed all the weapons up to the knives, so to commit suicide they can not, and ponder whether to surrender to them.

After the storming of the house by soldiers of Regardie it was announced that both teenagers died from gunshot wounds. According to investigators, when the house was surrounded by SWAT officers of the Department of Regardie in the Pskov region, Denis killed girlfriend and then shot himself. The SWAT soldiers did not shoot at children, say in the regional Investigative Committee. Earlier, the regional Prosecutor’s office found the actions sobrovtsev legitimate.

In fact the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie was initiated a criminal case under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”). Moreover, the investigators practiced different versions, including on possible double suicide or murder by one teenager of another followed by suicide.

Classmates of the dead teen near Pskov held psychological trainings 28.11.2016

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