Former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a new political organization to support initiatives that it put forward during the election campaign. The policy statement was published Monday on its page in Twitter.

The new organization was named Onward Together (“Together forward”). “We are launching Onward Together, so that people were inspired and participated in political processes to coordinate their actions and even put forward their candidatures in the elections”, – wrote Clinton.

On the official website Onward Together States that purpose of the organization is to promote ideas that supported the presidential election almost 66 million people voted for Clinton, as well as generally “progressive values,” said TASS.

The election campaign of former Secretary of state took place under the slogan of Stronger Together (“Together we are stronger”). The rating of TV channel Fox News, the new organization means that “Clinton is officially back in politics.”

At the November presidential election 2016 Hillary Clinton scored 65,8 million votes, while the Republican candidate Donald trump is 62,9 million votes. As you know, the U.S. presidential election is indirect, and on the day of voting on 8 November, the citizens, supporting one of the contenders for the highest office, in fact, chose members of the electoral College of the party that nominated that candidate. Victory eventually went to the Trump because it received 304 votes of the Association, and Clinton – 227.

Clinton announced the creation of a new political organization 16.05.2017

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