Former candidate for U.S. President from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in front his supporters after the electoral defeat of the President. Her speech was broadcast by all major us media.

Clinton has a treatment of a short gratitude to the supporters for their support and went straight to the main topic. She said that Donald trump is officially elected President of the United States, and expressed hope that he will be successful in his leadership of the country.

“Last night, I congratulated Donald trump, and offered him to work together for the good of the country. It’s not the result we were striving for. And I am guilty before you. But I am proud of this great campaign we’ve built together. To be your candidate is the greatest honor of my life,” said Clinton.

She noted that she understands how upset her supporters and voters, tens of millions of people. “It hurts. And it will hurt for a long time. But our campaign was not for the success of one person, but for the whole country”, – said the former U.S. Secretary of state.

Clinton acknowledged that, in her opinion, the US society is divided a lot more than everyone thought, but despite that, she said, trump will become the next President of the country. “Our Constitution implies a peaceful transfer of power, and we must respect it,” she said.

Clinton expressed hope that trump will be a successful President 09.11.2016

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