The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton during the second televised debate in St. Louis (Missouri) with his opponent, Republican Donald trump lashed out at Russia in connection with its actions in Syria. She called them “a deliberate attempt to destroy Aleppo,” according to Reuters. According to Clinton, the goal is to eliminate the last of the rebels, who are fighting against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“I advocate the establishment of no-fly zones, security zones, we need to put pressure on the Russians,” continued Clinton, pointing to the necessity of working “with partners on the ground.” Chiding Moscow “ambition and aggressiveness,” she said that it is not opposed to working with Russia, reports TASS. “Where we can cooperate with Russia – well, (we will), I did it while working as a Secretary of state”, she said.

Clinton called for investigation against Syria and Russia. “I support the investigation of the crimes, the war crimes committed by the Syrians and Russians, and I’ll try to hold them accountable,” she said, noting that “many are leaving Syria because of the Russian aggression”.

During the debate, Hillary Clinton pledged to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on a post of the President. Clinton suggested that Russia wants to see trump President of the United States. For this reason, she said, the Kremlin is trying to influence the election in the United States.

“Our intelligence community has just announced in the last
the day that the Kremlin and Putin and the Russian government sent a hacker attack on the American servers with the purpose to influence our elections,” Clinton said (quoted by “Interfax”). According to former Secretary of state, never in the history of the United States “has not been in a situation when external player, a foreign power was trying too hard to influence our elections.”

According to Clinton, “they do it to influence the election in favor of Donald trump, because he praised Putin, because he said that I agree with much of what Putin is going to do; maybe because he has a business in Moscow – I don’t know.”

Trump in turn has denied any link with Russia. He expressed hope that the US and Russia can join forces in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH, banned in Russia)

This debate was the second between trump and Clinton in the race for the US presidency. The first took place in late September. The CNN poll then showed that the victory in the first debate was won by Clinton.

It is noteworthy that in the beginning of the second debate, the presidential candidates shook hands. During the dialogue they hit each other with accusations and sarcastic remarks. Trump has threatened Clinton prison in case of his election victory. That in the answer has accused his opponent in inappropriate behavior towards women and once again stated that trump is not fit for the job as President.

The presenters asked the candidates a question that they respect in your opponent. Clinton in response, remembered the children trump, and her opponent noted that former Secretary of state never gives up. After that, both candidates still shook hands.

Clinton has accused Russia of trying to destroy Aleppo and urged her to investigate “war crimes” 10.10.2016

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