A new poll showed a solid lead for Hillary Clinton over Donald trump in the struggle for the sympathies of the American voters. The majority of survey participants Agency Reuters and Ipsos, the company pointed out that many men are vulgar talk, like Trump.

A nationwide poll conducted from Sunday evening and, thus, takes into account the new scandals involving the candidates and conducted the debate. Clinton has come under fire after the next portion of revelations of WikiLeaks about her ties to wall Street, and trump suffered seriously from a video released 11 years ago where he brags about how molested women.

Poll Reuters/Ipsos does not absolute to ratings of candidates, but is illustrated in the preferences of voters based on social groups. On average among the respondents, Clinton was preferred by 8% more participants than Trump.

According to the poll, Clinton won the debate – so consider 53% of respondents, while 32% give the victory to Trump. The vast majority of Democrats and two-thirds of Republicans believe that the victory of their candidate, specifies RIA “Novosti”.

Clinton with a big lead among women – 44% against 29% for the trump. While most Republicans believe trump should stay in the presidential race, and the leaders of the party must support him.

Respondents were asked what they think about the words of trump, what he said the harassment was just “chatter” among men. More than 60% of the respondents said that many men are such vulgar talk. 46% said it’s unfair to judge a person on private conversations that became public against his will.

The majority of respondents believe that trump is guilty of a sexist attitude towards women. 42% of respondents say that these statements make it unable to perform the duties of the President. 43% disagree with this statement.

The survey was conducted via the Internet in all 50 States, were surveyed in 2386 Americans, of which 1605 announced his intention to vote. The survey has an error of 2-5 percentage points, depending on the subgroups of respondents. Democrats among the respondents was more than the Republicans – vs 798 586. This partly reflects a real situation where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans.

Clinton is ahead of trump by 8% after the debate and the offensive remarks about women 12.10.2016

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