The candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, speaking to voters at the University of Kent state, commented on the information that the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has decided to reopen the investigation of the leak of the official correspondence of Clinton in her tenure as Secretary of state of the country, reports Reuters.

“Zden there is no case,” said former first lady of the country. While Clinton referring to the American special services have accused Russia of Cybertech in the United States. In addition, it has also attracted the attention of Americans to a “very warm” relations of her opponent – Donald trump – with the Kremlin.

“8 days before the presidential election trump must immediately reveal all his ties with the Kremlin and Russian authorities,” – said the former U.S. Secretary of state.

Simultaneously, the White house declined to comment on the merits of the decision of the FBI to reopen the investigation around the leak of the official correspondence of Clinton. “I will neither defend nor criticize what FBI Director James Comey has decided to inform the public about the investigation,” – said the press Secretary of the US President Josh Ernest.

He explained that “I do not know how to take these decisions, what factors were taken into account”. According to him, the decision “not consistent” with the White house, and none of the White house staff “knows their motive”. Even the White house is “trying to scrupulously avoid even the appearance of interference” in the activities of U.S. law enforcement, said Ernest.

Previously the Democratic party in the person of Senator in Congress, Harry Reid demanded that the FBI disclose information about the relationship of the presidential candidate Donald trump of Russia. The leader of Senate Democrats wrote a letter to the head of the FBI James Comey, saying that the Agency has evidence.

“In the course of communicating with you and other senior officials in national security, it became clear that you have sensational information about the close connection and coordination between Donald trump, his senior advisers and the Russian government, openly expressing hostility to the United States, which trump praises at every opportunity,” said Reid.

In his opinion, this information should be made public. In addition, the Senator is accused of Komi in violation of the Hatch act, “double standards” and playing up to the Republicans due to the fact that the FBI decided to reopen the investigation into the leak of the official correspondence of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Trump this initiative is supported: “I respect the fact that the FBI and the U.S. justice Department are willing and have the courage to right a terrible wrong that they did.”

The scandal surrounding the correspondence Clinton erupted after it became known that, occupying the post of the head of the diplomatic corps from 2009-2013, she sent emails from a personal email, not the government, as required by the instruction. It was also reported that correspondence Clinton were made public by a hacker under the name Guccifer.

Recently, FBI Director James Comey announced that in the correspondence of Clinton, new materials and now, the Bureau should perform its additional array of official letters, which she sent to their personal mailbox. As explained by the Minister, it is unclear how important the materials they contain and how long will it take the investigation.

Clinton herself has criticized the decision by FBI: “It’s really weird to say about something like that, giving so little information, before the elections”.

Prior to that, the leadership of the Democratic party of the United States has accused Russia of organizing the recent hacking of the servers of the Democrats. The national Committee of the democratic party noted that the main beneficiaries of the attack will get rival Hillary Clinton in the fight for the presidency, Republican candidate Donald trump.

In late September, the American media wrote that the congressmen from the Republican party to block the investigation of relationships trump with Russia. In the Kremlin, in turn, on allegations that Russia allegedly seeks to influence elections in America and trying to help Trump to win, responded with a rebuttal, stressing that Moscow will never interfere in electoral processes in other countries.

Clinton sees no reason for the resumption of the FBI’s investigation around the leak of official correspondence 01.11.2016

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