Investigators closed the criminal case against St. Petersburg architect Sergei Akhmetov, who since November last year and August was under arrest for assaulting a police officer during a gathering in support of Alexei Navalny in Moscow. Summer man was released from jail on his own recognizance.

“The criminal case and criminal prosecution terminated in connection with the expiration of the limitation period”, – said the Agency “Interfax” the lawyer of the architect Sergey adamsin engaged in the protection of Akhmetov in the framework of the human rights project of the movement “Open Russia”.

The lawyer added that the investigation reclassified the charges Akhmetov with article 318 of the criminal code (“violence to a policeman”) to article 319 of the criminal code (“Insult of representative of power”) and terminated the proceedings due to the expiry of the limitation period. The lawyer noted that it is not an exonerating circumstance, saying that more will speak out after reading the ruling. “However, for us the main thing that Sergei is on the loose and prosecution of an innocent man stopped,” said adamsin.

Even in the summer the representative of the “Open Russia” Paulina Nemirovsky noted that the checking alibis Akhmetov lasted two months. “However, to dismiss the case against an innocent man was too difficult. So while the first step. Akhmetov, after spending eight months in detention, is still out of jail and to live now is not with 27 inmates, and one” – she said 9 August.

This spring, lawyer Haci Aliyev claimed that Akhmetov was absent from the capital during the riots and did not like the person appearing in the videos of the police. Most likely, the investigators used a facial recognition function in Facebook, not paying attention to the lack of similarity, assumed then a lawyer.

The architect brought in as a suspect on the basis of the portrait forensics. In this case, the person with the video sunglasses, and the examination was performed by an employee with experience less than one year, said the defense. In addition, during the identification procedure the police officer who lost their shoulder straps during the dispersal of the gathering, gave a hint.

According to investigators, Akhmetov arrived in Moscow to participate in the event. The lack of data on the purchase of air and train tickets due to the fact that he could travel by bus or hitch-hiked. However, as noted by the lawyers of the afternoon on 18 July 2013 Akhmetov talked with one of the customers on the phone. Billing data can confirm that he was in Saint-Petersburg and to come to Moscow to the time of the alleged detention could not.

In addition, the mother of the architect, who lives in Novosibirsk, gave evidence that at a time when there was a gathering, she spoke with Sergei in Skype. According to her, he was at home.

A criminal case on the fact of violence against the commander of separate battalion PPS, Department of internal Affairs on TSAO GU MVD in Moscow was opened on 20 July 2013, two days after the national gathering in support of Navalny. 23 Jul victim in the case admitted of Colonel Pavlov.

The investigation had previously insisted that the evening of July 18 in front of the house N2 on Tverskaya street Akhmetov did not allow the police to detain the woman, grabbed him by a shoulder strap and hurt a hand. Akhmetov, in turn, denies the charges and together with the lawyer claimed that the last time you came to Moscow in 2011.

“About what I wanted, I found out at the border when coming home from vacation in Saint Petersburg. It turned out that I was in Moscow in any wrongdoing. To me that’s ridiculous,” said the suspect first appeared before the court. According to the architect, for it took a man in a baseball cap and dark glasses: “I Got the eye of the artist. There’s a man with a broken nose, he’s nothing like me.”

Akhmetov was charged with using violence against a representative of authorities not dangerous for life and health (part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code). The people’s Assembly, held in Moscow on 18 July 2013, was devoted to the sentence Navalny in the case of “Kirovles”. Then the opposition was given five years of imprisonment, several thousand people gathered in Central Moscow to protest as a sign of his support. In the district Manezhnaya square have been arrested at least 60 people.

Closed the case against the St. Petersburg architect, who was accused of disrupting a police officer with shoulder straps 16.11.2016

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