Before a disaster A320 EgyptAir on Board triggered the emergency alarm warning of smoke registered in one of the toilet room, informs the American TV channel CNN , citing the data of the flight obtained from the Egyptian source.

The data in question were obtained through addressing and reporting system aircraft communication (ACARS). This system for the duration of the flight reads the information about the flight and transfers it to the airlines operating the aircraft.

CNN notes that the alarm went off for a few minutes before the estimated time of the crash. The source of Reuters called this information “unsubstantiated rumour”.

The A320 plane flying from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens on the morning of may 19. On Board were 66 people, including 56 passengers, seven crew members and three members of the security forces. The cause of the crash is still not known, however, Egyptian authorities and representatives of other countries do not exclude any version, including the assumption that on Board there was a terrorist attack.

To the version about the explosion, in particular, are the Minister of civil aviation of Egypt Sherif Fathi, the head of the FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov and the former head of the French Department of investigation of aviation incidents (BEA) Jean-Paul Troadec.

On the eve of the Egyptian military discovered the wreckage of the A320 in 290 km to the North of the city of Alexandria. Representatives of the naval forces of countries that participate in the search operation, also reported that they found some personal belongings of passengers of the crashed airliner and are now trying to locate the “black boxes” of the aircraft.

Later one of the satellites of the European space Agency (ESA) recorded, presumably, the oil slick in the Mediterranean sea in the area in which we are searching for the missing aircraft Egypt Air.

CNN reported smoke on Board the Egyptian A320 moments before the crash 21.05.2016

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