In the Internet appeared the video tactical analysis of the match Astrakhan football club “Volgar” with the participation of head coach Yury Gazzaev. In the video, the mentor is dissatisfied with the actions of their wards, actively uses profanity.

The recording was made and published by one of the players of the club. According to journalists, for two and a half minutes, the coach used profanity 93 times.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” relative of the famous Russian specialist Valery Gazzaev said that the video game last season in Khabarovsk. He recognized the football player posted video of foul language, but did not disclose the name of this “immature person”.

Gazzaev also expressed confidence that all know about its culture relationships with people and caring for the ward, which he tries to instill cultural citizens.

“It happens. I know everything – just say, people I respect. But to make that after the locker room on emotions sometimes, and people not indifferent to the result can I say… my players never insulted, I am very careful, and they know what I tell them: you don’t have to talk mate,” said Gazzaev.

The video itself can be viewed below (warning, profanity 18+)

Yuri Gazzaev?))

Coach “Volgar” Yuri Gazzaev in the analysis of the game used 93 swear words 25.10.2016

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