At the meeting of the Moscow city court recognized on Tuesday, September 27, the lawful arrest of the accused under three articles of the criminal code, the interior Ministry Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, revealed the name of the person who, according to investigators, gave him a bribe. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rusinzhiniring” Anatoly Prigornitskiy that Zakharchenko himself has called his friend.

Zakharchenko told the court that took the decision to change the measure of restraint on house arrest that will “fully support” the investigation, but does not recognize his guilt. “I’m not going to hide from the investigation, on the contrary, want to contribute. I asked to change the measure of restraint”, – quotes the defendant , RIA “Novosti”. However judge Dmitry Pronyakin the decision of Presnensky court upheld, and the appeal – without satisfaction.

The lawyer of Colonel Yury Novikov has declared “to Interfax”that he intends to appeal his arrest: “of Course, will appeal, as we explained to the judge, to the court of cassation”.

In the trial Zakharchenko participated via video conferencing installed with the investigative isolator. During the meeting, the Colonel noted that in the case there is no negotiations with the financial Director of “Nota-Bank” Galina Marchukova, which the Colonel, according to investigators, published in the Presnensky court, warned of the impending search in the Bank and a call on interrogation and received it in December 2015, seven million rubles. “The materials of no negotiations with Marchukova that I allegedly warned of the search and operational activities”, – said Zakharchenko.

In the summer of 2016 Marchukova and the heads of Bank brothers Dmitry and Vadim Erohina was arrested. Zakharchenko himself does not deny his acquaintance with Gorchakovo, but claims that he was initiated audits of the Bank.

Zakharchenko accused the investigation attempts to break him psychologically and get him to perjure himself and “specific persons”, reports RIA “Novosti”. “Control “M” of FSB of the Almighty.. they forced the decision against me, I objectively see, but I ask the court to transfer me under house arrest. Now I was trying to psychologically break them,” – said Zakharchenko. According to him, “they want me he incriminated not only himself, but also specific individuals”. About anyone specifically in question, the Colonel said.

The defendant demanded a confrontation with Galina Marchukova and Anatoly Prigornitskiy, which investigators believe the man who gave him a bribe.

At the meeting with Prigornitskiy Zakharchenko noticed surveillance of the FSB: “We then began to joke and laugh about it”

The lawyer of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs Yury Novikov pointed out the discrepancy in the investigation: “some securities in the case says that the person who gave the bribe Zakharchenko, not installed, in other papers featured Prigornitskiy”.

Police said that on 25 December 2015, he met with Prigornitskiy in the restaurant Village Kitchen in Moscow on Malaya Bronnaya, but no one owes the money is not transferred. “I allegedly received a bribe from an unidentified person. I did meet this afternoon with his friend Anatoly Prigornitskiy. Recordings were made of me talking, the security guard at the restaurant gave the waiter a plate and put it on our table, and our entire conversation before parting with Prigornitskiy was a joke. I knew that for me took a complex quickly-investigation actions” (quoted by RBC).

Zakharchenko insisted that even saw operational staff gave him a plate with a recorder. “We even began to joke and laugh about it” – said the policeman.

According to Zakharchenko, he regularly noticed by employees of the Department “M” FSB, which even in the spring of 2015 held in respect of his operational activities. “In restaurants and cafes often bring so-called plate. The restaurant near slavinskogo street, Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in the “Coffeemania” I bring a special dish, which is a record. Because it was in the Village Kitchen” – quoted Zakharchenko, the correspondent of the publication Slon magazine.

Zakharchenko added that he and Prigornitskiy “always joking”. “Every time Prigornitskiy gave me anything, he winked and said, “Well, watching you,” – said Zakharchenko. He earlier claimedthat the words recorded by the FSB and which now put him in the guilt, “was only a joke”.

According to SPARK, in 2011 Prigornitskaya owned 20% of the holding “Rusinzhiniring” engaged in the design and construction of power grid facilities. In 2010, the publication of the newspaper “Vedomosti” Anatoly Prigornitskiy mentioned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rusinzhiniring”.

Key stuffed with money car Zakharchenko was lying in the rubbish bucket toilet

From the materials of the court became known some details of the sensational case. The investigation against Dmitry Zakharchenko authorized the head of the Department “M” FSB Sergei Alpatov. Control “M” is also involved in the investigation against senior members of the Investigative Committee suspected of taking bribes from the bandits from the group Shakro Young.

The Prosecutor, speaking in court, said that when they searched the car of Colonel Zakharchenko was discovered 13 million, 170 thousand dollars and five thousand euros, reports TASS. “During the search at work Zakharchenko in a garbage can were found a car key Acura, where he found his passport and money,” – said the Prosecutor in Moscow city court.

The origin of the money in the apartment of his sister at the Lomonosov Avenue, where they found nearly nine billion rubles, is established.

Zakharchenko was arrested September 10 and charged with receiving a bribe, abuse of power and obstruction of preliminary investigation (article 290, 285 and 294 of the Criminal code). He statedthat he considers his work “registered,” and claimed to know “who is behind this,” All these accusations were fabricated against me to frame me, to shift from the position. It happened in the moment when I became acting head of Guebipk of the MIA of Russia. Took me under the position”.

Colonel Zakharchenko called the giver as a friend, with whom he made fun of the surveillance of the FSB 27.09.2016

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