Colorful stairs of the underpass in Tomsk sparked outrage in the local ethicist, who recognized there are gay propaganda, and LGBT symbols, despite the mismatch in colors.

A few days ago the PR Department of the family medicine Center (FMC) decided to paint the stairs that went to the patients. The stairs were filthy, there was drinking, Smoking and dropping litter. Girls from the PR Department of the center bought the paint and painted the stairs in rainbow colors, reports local news Agency TV2.

After seeing this creation, urban activist Alexei Spomer, past member of the National liberation movement (GCD) and other public associations, sent a letter to the mayor of Tomsk Ivan Klein, in which he said that “some persons unauthorized way painted the stairwell in the center of the Central post office in the colors of the flag of the LGBT community” and asked the mayor to immediately remove this “stain on the moral character of our city.”

“I am confident that, as in the case of exhibition American pedophile photographer in Moscow, measures will be taken immediately,” he added in Facebook.

Users of social networks in the comments pointed Spameru on the color mismatch of the stairs with the flag of the LGBT community, where the color blue is absent. However activist such discrepancy is not confused. “In fact, we see the flag of the LGBT community,” he said. – And the flag of the LGBT community should be in a gay club.”

The question of how many colors the flag of the LGBT community, he replied, “seven.” When he suggested that in fact this flag six colors and blue is not among them, Spomer said, “I Have my own position. And I’m going to paint it.”

In the PR Department of the UCM claim that have no relation to the gay community. “We just decided to Refine our yard and clean up the mess on the stairs where everyone was Smoking and throwing garbage, – told reporters the employee of Elena Barsukova. – We have to be honest, even no thoughts arose that it could be seen as something wrong. We had a desire just to make the stairs bright. And the walls are purple, because before there was black graffiti and I had to paint”.

Colorful stairs in Tomsk took over gay symbols and complained to the mayor (PHOTO) 27.09.2016

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