Director and comedian Jimmy Morales, won the presidential election in Guatemala, largely due to the corruption scandal surrounding its main competitor, took office. At the inauguration ceremony was attended by the leaders of the “Northern triangle” Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, as well as the former king of Spain Juan Carlos I and the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

The Guatemalan publication El Periodico publishes the schedule of the first day of Morales in office. After the inaugural session of the national Congress, the new President met with the UN representative Edmond Mule. Then meetings were held with top officials of Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, the world Bank, the Organization of American States and Vice-President of USA Joe Biden.

“While appreciating the visit of the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, I take the opportunity to join a petition 10 senators and 139 legislators of the United States, who are advocates for temporary protective status,” said Morales in Facebook, Recalling also discussed the possibility of granting to natives of Guatemala special rights in the USA.

Jimmy Morales published on 14 January 2016

“Let’s pray together for Guatemala, prosperous and happy. We can do this together. Bless,” commented the new head of state photos from the inauguration ceremony.

As noted by NBC News, Joe Biden led the delegation of six representatives of the United States at the ceremony, which also included national security Secretary Jen Johnson and a native of Guatemala, Congressman from California Norma Torres.

“The Obama administration is pleased that we are entering a period of real opportunities in Central America. Win elections Jimmy Morales are evidence that he has gained the trust of voters as a reformer,” – commented on in the White house.

“Lewd, crude, inappropriate,” these words spoken by British “The Independent” describes wit Jimmy Morales, who is almost 15 years together with his older brother Sammy amused Guatemala in a weekly sketch show “Morality”. Even in the predictably unpredictable world of Guatemala, its ascent to the heights of power is unusual, the newspaper notes, especially because Morales decided to devote himself to politics only in April.

When his opponent and predecessors, Otto Perez Molina was jailed amid a corruption scandal, Morales was able to successfully use the opportunity to put pressure on public opinion, presenting himself as the embodiment of antiproteinase. The success of his campaign was in simplicity, not pomposity. So, its election program, presented the center-right party, took only six pages of printed text.

“Morales has an extraordinary ability to empathize with the concerns and aspirations of voters. His support is not based on political preferences – he clearly gave to understand that he has no clear program – but on a direct, emotional contact with voters,” said political analyst from Guatemala Hugo Novales.

The Morales story is not unique. In addition to the famous film “man of the year” with Robin Williams in the title role, and he has real colleagues who have achieved considerable political success. It is worth remembering comedian Beppe Grillo, which became, along with the movement of “Five stars” sensation of the parliamentary elections in Italy in 2013, or Icelandic comedian Jon Gnarr, who founded “the Best party” won the election for mayor of Reykjavik in 2010. And the British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard recently announced that hopes to become mayor of London in 2020.

By the way, Izzard, received significant support of fans, predicted that over time, more comedians will go into politics as a public activity requires analytical and at the same time, non-standard approach to addressing problems.

Professor of political science Stanford University John Krosnick agree with this thesis. He recalled that when comedians tell jokes, many of their listeners think, “How clever! This is a fresh look on things!”. In other words, jokes often allow you to show people something of what they have, achieving significant resonance. The ability to think subtly, to draw correct conclusions, together with empathy and concern for others – these are qualities that voters want in their politicians. And they are comic actors.

Let us recall, for the presidency of Guatemala claimed the 14 candidates. According to various opinion polls, and has real chances to win, in addition to Morales, had only the representative of the center-right party “Renewed democratic liberty” Manuel Baldizon and Sandra Torres from the social-democratic National Union of hope.

Comedian Jimmy Morales became President of Guatemala and the first thing met with the Vice-President of the United States 15.01.2016

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