The Network is rapidly gaining popularity with the song “Pen Pen Pineapple Apple” Japanese comedian and DJ Kazuhiko Kozaki, known by the nickname Piko-Taro, reports Asian Сorrespondent.

The composition makes a worthy competition to the famous clip Gangnam Style Korean singer Park Jae Sana, acting under the pseudonym Psy. Emphasized the simple presentation of the material, simple words and rhythmic music have in common these two hits.

On the portal page of 9GAG in Facebook, where the video was published on 25 September, to date, the clip has already been seen by over 46 million people.

Video Piko-Taro, dressed in a yellow silk shirt snake print, and the same pants, with the leopard print scarf on the neck, he sings about what happens if you combine a pen and an Apple and a pen, and pineapple. The song has spawned numerous parodies on social networks.

Recall the video of the song Gangnam Style performed by Psy for the two months after the publication looked around 100 million people. For four years, a video on YоuTube has already gained more than 2.6 billion hits.

Competitor Gangnam Style: the new hit from Asia in two days, has garnered over 46 million views 27.09.2016

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