Bodies of social protection has removed two foster children from the inhabitant of Yekaterinburg Yulia Savinovskih. The Ordzhonikidzevsky court of Ekaterinburg, where she tried to challenge this decision, her claim was rejected, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the press service of the court. The woman attributed this decision with my surgery to remove the Breasts and fake as she claims, an Internet diary, which she led on behalf of transgender, to fix your psychological experiences.

September 20, judge Alexander Groudneva refused the family the return of the boys. The meeting was held behind closed doors. The court officials called the withdrawal “a divergence of interests in the education of children with the personal interests of the guardian.”

In the family, in addition to foster, are two own children. Julia Savinovskih three children, her older 17-year-old daughter from his first marriage while living with his father; from his second marriage Julia has two children – six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, writes Sign, claiming that the family is prosperous.

The family lives in a one bedroom apartment with purebred dogs Champions from the sale of puppies from them, Julia has additional income. The main income provided by the husband of Julia Eugene, the family almost paid off with a mortgage and planned to extend the living space.

Three years ago, the family decided to adopt one boy, a year and a half – second. Both children suffer from many diseases.

Cause the attention of bodies of guardianship has become a “transgender blog”

Previously, Julia was the seventh breast size. After three delivery the breast, has been getting a large number of problems. The woman felt that the maternal duties she performed – gave birth to and nourished by the Breasts of three children.

“I never liked huge Breasts, it bothered me, I hated these huge bras and I always wanted to wear t-shirts” she said Znak.

“Some people like big Breasts, they make themselves such and brag about it. Personally, I do not fit. Oddly enough, I felt ugly with Breasts, now I feel like a more attractive woman than before. I can wear dresses with an open back, not be inspected every six months by a mammologist” she explained the reason for the operation.

The option is simply to reduce the breast size did not fit: “the whole mammary gland after three children is already far not the first size, even if it is to pump out all the fat, there would be at least a third [the size]. I didn’t want, – the woman speaks. The husband, of course, after the surgery, joked that you’ll find yourself sugar Tits, but that’s all over.”

To remove the Breasts, Yulia had to go through a special Commission, which the experts recognized her sane, and the desire to remove the breast is justified.

During preparation for surgery, Julia started a blog on behalf of a fictional transgender who wants to change their sex. In the blog she describes what is necessary to survive the person, decided on this. Julia says it’s helped her mentally prepare for surgery.

However, she claims that the blog events did not reflect her personal life. Close people on the blog didn’t know, but found out the guardianship, which considered that it may harm the children.

“I’m not going to change the floor to increase your penis, drink preparations, hormones. With Breasts or without her I will be a woman. Mother for their children,” assured Julia.

Among the claims the guardianship was dirt from the dogs

On 26 August the family returned from the country home, and on the morning of August 27, in the apartment of Julia and Eugene came three representatives of care, who said that taking the children. “We have information that you did an illegal operation. Your pics from Instagram taskinen, you were going to change gender. And anyway, you got dirty, there’s a piece of Wallpaper torn off,” he told the officials Julia.

Portal “E1.Ru” she explained that the care staff came shortly after the family returned from the country, and found dirty floors – the dogs don’t have time to clean.

From this interview, it also follows that familiarity with transgender Yulia tighter, she has a circle of friends in this environment, which explains at least the suspicion of social services: “I met these people, started to be interested in the subject, subscribe to these people in Instagram, I found it very interesting. I just wanted to understand and in some way through this. When I found out about the operation that they are doing, I realized that it fits me. First, it saves. Didn’t want to spend money on plastic surgery, because the reduction are much more expensive. Wanted a flat chest. I more not going to give birth, I’m 40 years old,” he said from Yekaterinburg.

Her husband, by contrast, is not interested in the topic of transgenderism. “I the contents of this blog have absolutely no interest, but I think that if there was something illegal, we would not care have long come”.

“I thought that this is some hell of a misunderstanding that in a personal conversation, everything will become clear and we children will return,” complains a mother. Parents were confident that the judge is on their side, “She asked care good questions: why do children, all provided in a family will be better off in an orphanage? And so on. But in the end it turned out the opposite,” – said Eugene.

Photos of the adopted boys and their information is already posted on the website “Adoption in Russia”, they are looking for a new family.

Custody, according to the couple, threatening to withdraw from the family and relatives of the children, arranging surprise inspections and trying to prove that the family is dysfunctional. Savinovskih said it will appeal the district court’s decision.

Transgender – people whose behavior or identity does not match their actual sex.

Court in Yekaterinburg is deprived of the right of custody over the adopted children of the woman, removed the chest and write a blog on behalf of transgender 21.09.2017

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