A passenger train crashed in the U.S. city of Hoboken (new Jersey), before approaching to the station exceeded the speed limit twice. To such conclusion experts of the National office of transport safety of the USA (NTSB) after examining the flight recorders recovered from the wreckage of the whole.

According to TASS, the experts found that the train traveling at a speed of about 13 km/h, before arriving in Hoboken for half a minute up to 33 km/h According to the rules, the allowed arrival rate to 16 km/h. the Recorders also showed that the driver hit the brakes less than a second before colliding with the platform.

The cause of the Overspeed is not yet known.

Train driver Thomas Gallagher survived the incident, however, according to him, does not remember the time of the crash. He is cooperating with the investigation. The press release notes that in his blood traces of alcohol or drugs.

The disaster occurred on the morning of 29 September, one person was killed, another 114 hurt. Train suburban areas, in which there were more than 250 passengers, did not reduce speed before approaching to the station, suffering a crash at almost full speed. The structure was demolished braking buffer at the end of the train tracks, and then rammed the platform, hit the metal supports supporting the canopy above the station. The accident occurred in the morning rush, when the platform was very crowded.

In order to prevent similar accidents authority of new Jersey introduced a new rule that upon approaching trains to major stations of the state in the cab will be required as insurance to be the conductor.

Crashed into the station building train in new Jersey doubled the speed 07.10.2016

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