In the Crimea for the first time held an international Congress of representatives of Ukrainian Diaspora from different countries, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the head of the state Committee of the government of the Republic on inter-ethnic relations Zaur Smirnov on 9 October.

The forum will be attended by the representatives of Ukraine and diasporas from Belarus and Moldova. For security purposes, the names of the delegates will not be disclosed. The Website “” said that the Congress will take place on 9 October.

“Crimea selected for the international Congress on natural. It is here that the Ukrainian Diaspora is ready to declare to the world community that the Kiev regime has no right to speak on behalf of the Ukrainian people,” – said Smirnov.

“The forum was attended by representatives of some regions of Ukraine, but their names will not be disclosed for security reasons and to avoid the threat of life in Ukraine, where suppression of any dissent, up to the physical destruction of dissent”, – said the head of the state Committee.

Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian studies at Moscow state University Bogdan Bezpalko said “” that, from his point of view, this event is intended to demonstrate the existence of alternative “Ukrainians”, not Bandera that is not associated with the ideology of Ukrainian integral nationalism.

“Crimea will come to people who successfully combine the love of Ukrainian identity, cultural identity and other features with love to Russia, to our shared culture, history, language, who do not want to give them up and strive to preserve our unity,” said Bezpalko.

At the beginning of the Congress its participants will lay flowers to the monument to the poet Taras Shevchenko, then visit the Museum of Ukrainian embroidery the name of the Hero of Ukraine of Faith Roik and classes with instruction in the Ukrainian language in Simferopol academic gymnasium.

Then will take place the international round table on “Cooperation of the Ukrainian public associations of the Republic of Crimea with compatriots abroad”.

According to the latest census in October 2014, in the Crimea is home to about 340 thousand Ukrainians are listed on the website of Rosstat. Ukrainian language according to the Constitution of the Crimea, along with Russian and Crimean Tatar as the state. In the Republic is also active Ukrainian community.

Previously, on 25 September, Deputy Chairman of the regional public organization “the Ukrainian community of Crimea” Anastasia Gridchina announced that in October will be held in Simferopol a round table devoted to questions of cooperation of the Ukrainian public associations of the Crimea with compatriots abroad. She noted that the event will be attended by representatives from different countries, including Ukraine and Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgiy Muradov, for its part, has confirmed his participation in the forum representatives of many countries, including Ukraine.

Crimea to host the Congress of the Ukrainian Diaspora, the names of the delegates kept secret 09.10.2017

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