Annual income of smugglers from the transportation to Europe of illegal migrants ranged from 3 to 6 billion dollars, which makes this criminal business the second pillar of crime after drug trafficking, said in an interview with the British Independent , the head of Europol Rob Wainwright.

For their evaluation according to the UN Agency for refugees. Came to Europe more than a million workers, and, as stated by wainright, 90% paid the smugglers. “We also know that, on average, each migrant pays between 3 thousand to 6 thousand dollars to the organizers of the trip. So if you make a simple mathematical operation, we get (income for smugglers) from 3 to 6 billion dollars in 2015″, – quotes Wainwright “Elephant”.

According to Wainwright, the network of criminal organizations that make money from the refugees, spread from North Africa to Scandinavia, in this criminal business there are tens of thousands of people. Just last year, Europol has revealed nearly 11 thousand suspected of involvement in illegal entrepreneurship in the field of migration, reports RBC. Talking about the manufacturers of fake passports, the taxi drivers transporting migrants and others involved in this process.

Such extent of criminal business was transferred to the organization of illegal migration “in the Champions League among criminal spheres”. Wainwright compared it to the drug trade. He noted that for the transport of refugees and supplies of drugs often involve the same mechanisms, so the criminals begin to engage and the organization of migration, and drug trafficking.

The increase flow of migrants to Europe in 2015 due to the exacerbation of a number of armed conflicts, primarily in Syria. In December 2015 the German authorities have officially confirmed that since the beginning of the year the country registered more than 1 million arrivals. Many countries in the EU despite the crisis, restore border control – about it the day before declared Austria, which is one of the main routes from southern Europe to Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Criminals earned in Europe seeking refugee to $ 6 billion, announced by Europol 17.01.2016

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