Russia lags behind developed countries in terms of development of market of intellectual property, which could have a significant negative impact on the economy. About it as transfers TASS, said in the report of the Center for strategic research (CSR) “Effective use of intellectual property”.

“The level of patent activity is traditionally estimated by the coefficient of inventive activity (the number of applications for invention patents to national applicants per 10 thousand population), according to which in 2015 Russia behind in 5-18 times from technologically advanced countries,” write the experts of the center Alexei Kudrin.

One of the important causes of backwardness in CSR are the lack of a sufficient level of competition on the national market of products and services. Patent activity, despite Russia’s transition to a market economy is still largely determined not by economic expediency, and the requirements set by the state of the science and technology sector- from assigning academic qualifications to assessment of research organizations.

“A very small presence in foreign markets is also a determinant of the gap between Russia and leading countries: number of patent applications to obtain legal protection in foreign countries is low in tens times (15-60 times in 2015)”, – the report says.

For the evaluation of CSR, in General, the absolute number of patent applications for inventions, Russia ranked seventh in the world (41,6 thousand units in 2016), behind China (1 102 thousand.), United States (589 thousand units), Japan (319 thousand units), the Republic of Korea (213,7 thousand units), Germany (66,9 thousand units) and India (45,7 thousand).

At the same time for the past 10 years, more than two-fold increase in the ratio of technological dependency (ratio of foreign and domestic applications for invention) – from 0.3 in 2004 to 0.55 in 2015.

In recent years, written by experts, the government has taken steps to improve the traditional institution of intellectual property.
“However, these efforts of the government of the Russian Federation has not yet led to a qualitative change in the sphere of intellectual ownership and a significant increase in its influence on scientific and technological development and economic growth of the country”, – stated in the CSR report.

CSR: in the field of intellectual property Russia lagged behind developed countries in dozens of times 02.10.2017

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