Funded by presidential grants project “Scenarios for Russia’s future”, the purpose of which the media has defined as a rating of “protest potential” students and professors “for representatives of state authorities, as well as certain specialized agencies,” aimed not at gathering information, and the confrontation of anti-state politics with the “educational” lectures. This was stated by RIA “Novosti” Deputy head of the Institute for strategic studies and projections at the PFUR Nikita Danuk, claiming that the newspaper “Kommersant” has misinterpreted his speech. However, the journalist of “Kommersant” Alexander Chernykh has uploaded to Yandex.Disk and announced on the page in Facebook the audio the speech Danyka proving the authenticity of the quotations of reference for the intelligence compiled on the basis of these lectures.

“This project overall scientific and educational, directed not to collect information for any structures. It is absolutely misconstrued it – said Danik. – The project is aimed at the prevention of destructive political strategies in the student’s environment in order that students do not become manipulative political technologies.”

According to him, is a series of “scientific and educational lectures-discussions” with the participation of experts for the study of destructive political technologies, studying U.S. foreign policy and Russia, as well as international relations. In addition, the project is carried out by public initiative in the face of the group of experts that take part in it.

“During the events there is no propaganda, nor for what political force are not agitating, we on the contrary urge students to first think with your mind, your head and take responsibility for their choices. The most important is the preservation of the state, is the preservation of territorial integrity and compliance with laws of the Russian Federation, the Constitution and the constitutional order. If it can be called, I would call it, if it is propaganda, propaganda is common sense, propaganda of the law,” said Danik.

He also stated that the students at such meetings may speak freely, the events are voluntary, and the universities, especially regional support initiative.

“About the protest potential. The fact that the study of protest potential is not us, but just the Western colleagues, the spin doctors, which, unfortunately, are trying to aggravate the socio-political situation in Russia. Now this is true only in the regions of Russia in order to provoke the unconstitutional actions”, – he said.

“Our main goal is to show students that the coup or “color” revolutions, which were in the former Soviet space that they can observe now that, by and large, inspired by Western forces, it is a coup, backed by geopolitical and geoeconomic interests,” said Danik.

The journalist was recording proving that the “completely misinterpreted speech” was not

For audio recordings of speeches posted on the Internet by a journalist, “Kommersant”, the words of the analytic material for “specialized structures” Danik says in the fifth minute.

In the transcript of “Kommersant” it is a little reduced without loss of meaning, here is a transcript of a fragment of the record: “the results of this project has accumulated an extensive empirical and analytical material on the basis of which was made reference for internal use – including representatives of state authorities, and certain specialized structures, which help to assess, including the protest potential of not only students, but also – very important – teaching staff”.

Note that the first word about the analysis of “protest potential” denied the head of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Georgy Filimonov: “Generally, it is the responsibility Nikita Dhanuka. But now we inspect. Most likely, there were distortion of facts, the data that was provided by our experts. It was about the fact that foreign consultants engaged in the sensing of protest potential in the region, particularly in Yekaterinburg. This is what they failed to do in Moscow and in St. Petersburg”, – he said.

The project is fueled by the presidential grants

The project “scenarios for the future of Russia” existed for two years and, although the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the project was not instigated by the Kremlin, the money under it, as found gazety, at least twice were allocated from the presidential grant for NGOs – in 2016 and 2015.

The project is mentioned in the list of winners in the description on the website of the competition for state support of NGOs says that it is a series of “scientific and educational activities for students.” The grant was for 4 950 000 rubles, and the printoperation was organized by the Russian Union of rectors.

In July 2015, the project received seven million rubles, printoperation, addressed the society “Knowledge”. In both cases, the research money was received by the bar Association “Russian business advocacy”.

In the framework of this project in the Humanities in may 2015 tried to be one of the leaders of the movement “Antimaydan” Nikolay Starikov, but then the students and faculty of the University disrupted a lecture by the scientist. Two years Danyk with his colleagues visited more than 40 more than ten Moscow and regional universities.

Curator of measurements “protest potential” in the universities has tried without success to blame “Kommersant” in the distortion of his words 25.10.2016

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