President Barack Obama acknowledged that his youngest daughter, Sasha, made fun of it in front of your friends and family using the Snapchat messenger. Over dinner in the White house when the President started to talk about the phenomenon of social networks, 15-year-old Sasha recorded it on video father and sent to his inner circle, reports NBC.

According to Obama himself, one evening after dinner, reading about what Snapchat is popular among teenagers, he asked the daughter to tell us more about this mobile app.

After telling her daughter about the app, a feature of which is that sent messages are hidden from users in short time and become inaccessible, the US President started to talk with his wife Michelle about the importance of social networks and their implications.

“And then I found out that all this time she was recording our conversation, and then sent to your friends with the caption: “This is my dad reading us a lecture about the importance of social media,” – said the head of state. He added that this message was accompanied by a photo of the most Sasha where she is clearly bored look.

This story, the US President told the host of one of the most popular evening shows on American television Jimmy Kimmel.

Note that the other day on the social network Twitter has a videoin which Obama and rapper usher danced to the song hip-hop artist Drake Hotline Bling. Fiery dance they performed on Friday, October 21, at the White house, which hosted the awards ceremony, BET awards Love and Happiness.

In August in the Internet appeared the video where Obama shakes the head at the track Lose Youself Eminem Eminem. The video was posted on the official YouTube channel of the Hillary Clinton. Before pronouncing the speech at the national Democratic Convention, the President listened to the soundtrack to the film “the Eighth mile” from your smartphone.

Daughter of Barack Obama “zatrollit” father with the help of Snapchat 27.10.2016

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