Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth told the readers of his Instagram about the benefits of teaching children of officials overseas. She referred to the initiative of Peter the great, and called the inhabitants of the Russian Federation “subjects”.

On behalf of Elizabeth Sand in her Instagram account commented on media reports about the appeal of the presidential Administration to the officials to return to Russia of their children studying abroad.

Peskov, the initiative considers to be harmful, pointing out that her training abroad “does not contradict the idea of patriotism.” Right it does not answer the question of whether to return to Russia. “We need to strive to ensure that people want to live in the country, and not to hold them by force. As they say, love can not be,” she writes.

Elizabeth recalls that even Peter I have seen the benefits of foreign education compared to Russian: “Those who believe that the patriots should study only in their country, or are not very familiar with the history or personality of Peter is not authoritative for them. This king realized the importance of education abroad for the development of the state. As a result, began to reform, with special attention focused on Europe, for which thousands of young people went to study abroad… Yeah, someone didn’t get back to Russia, preferring to link their life with another country, same is happening in our time.”

“Having the experience of living in Europe and communication with people from other countries, Russia’s “subjects” will have not only the innate Russian, but also European thinking. This will lead to the improvement of international relations understanding foreign vision of the world”, – reported also on behalf of the Sand.

The Deputy from “United Russia” of the previous convocation Evgeny Fedorov in 2014, proposed to prohibit civil servants who have close relatives living permanently abroad, to work in the structures of the Russian authorities. However, the state Duma, where many deputies of the children are either studying or living abroad, coldly met this idea.

Daughter Peskov told Russian “subjects” the benefits of teaching children of officials abroad 22.10.2016

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