In the village of Bialystok Krivosheenko district of the Tomsk region 14 may was held and the reading of 100 names of victims of repression in 1937-1938 locals, reported on the website of the regional memorial Museum “NKVD Remand prison”. Most of the residents of this village were shot 79 years ago – on 14 may 1938.

The service was attended by five daughters murdered poles, according to “”. In the Internet appeared the video, depicting the elderly residents of this village, saying prayers in the Polish language.

The village of Bialystok was founded by Polish immigrants in the late NINETEENTH century. Then, a few peasants Catholics moved to Siberia in search of a better life from near Grodno. Town they renamed in honor of the Polish city of Bialystok.

In 1937-1938 practically all the adult male population of the village – about 100 people were arrested and shot. These people have become victims of so-called Polish operation of the NKVD – hunting for Polish spies.

According to the order of people’s Commissar of internal Affairs Nikolai Yezhov in Western Siberia needed to find about five thousand “deserters”. In the late 1950s, all of the repressed poles rehabilitated.

Meanwhile, in April 2017 in Bialystok burned down the Church, built by Polish immigrants and is considered the oldest wooden Catholic Church of Russia.

Daughter shot in Siberia of poles prayed over the dead relatives 16.05.2017

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