In close proximity to Russian borders in the Baltic sea and the ships of the Navy
Russia in the Mediterranean Western sites, tracking movement
military aircraft
fixed for Tuesday, October 11, four
reconnaissance aircraft, reports “Interfax”.

The plane of distant radar detection and guidance of aircraft
NATO E-3A AWACS tail number LX-N90456 and call sign NATO05
flew with a reconnaissance mission to the land border
Kaliningrad region from the South from Poland.

According to unconfirmed reports, in the Kaliningrad region
also flew strategic reconnaissance plane of the U.S. air force RC-135W. It
launched from the air base Mildenhall in the U.K., taking a course on
The Baltic. The plane was last recorded over the North sea,
when I was on the approach to Denmark.

In the Baltic sea flew a reconnaissance plane of the Swedish air force Gulfstream 4
call sign SVF623. Flying to the Kaliningrad region from the North at
the Baltic sea, he twice flew by elongated
the ellipse along its coast. While the plane was in
airspace over the exclusive economic zone of Russia in
The Baltic sea, without violating the state border.

In addition, patrol anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon
made another approach to the area of the Eastern Mediterranean, where,
presumably there are ships permanent operational
the connection of the Russian Navy in the region. American spy plane with
tail number 168859, departing in the morning from an air base in Sigonella on
Sicily, for several hours, led the exploration to the South and West of
Cyprus. Currently he has left the area of the Eastern
Of the Mediterranean and is sent to the base.

Before this plane, the U.S. Navy conducted a similar flight in the area
the dislocation of the ships of permanent naval task force
Russia in the Mediterranean sea.

According to “Interfax”, over the weekend, anti-submarine patrol
the US Navy aircraft P-8A Poseidon made a reconnaissance flight near the
coast of Crimea. Another plane was watching the action
Russian ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Flights of American reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian border, in
particularly near the coast of the Crimea and the Russian bases in Syria and
the areas of deployment of combat ships of the Russian Navy in the Eastern
The Mediterranean has increased on the background of the message of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation on
the deployment of missile complexes “Iskander-M” in the Kaliningrad region,
caused concern to a number of countries.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that this step fits in the usual Russian behavior. In Sweden the re-deployment of Iskander called
the provocation which aggravated the situation in the Baltic region. Swedish
defence Minister Peter Hultqvist stressed that we are talking about possible
carriers of nuclear warheads.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said,
Russia’s actions are “absolutely inadequate response to the
what NATO is doing,” and the Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said
October 8 that “the Polish armed forces and intelligence system,
also in collaboration with allies, are in constant
willingness to monitor and guarantee the security of Poland
and partner countries”.

The defense Ministry said,
the distribution of near Kaliningrad occurred repeatedly and
is an element of planned training of the troops.

PTRC “Iskander-M” is capable of hitting targets at ranges up to 500 km.
the complex consists of two types of missiles: ballistic and cruise.
The system is designed to defeat the reactive systems of volley fire
enemy missile and air defense,
aircraft and helicopters at airfields, command posts and objects

In September, an unprecedented number of reconnaissance flights near
Russian borders on the Black sea was noted
during the strategic command-staff exercises of the Russian armed forces
“The Caucasus in 2016.”

Day four reconnaissance aircraft, USA, NATO and Sweden have shown interest in Russia 11.10.2016

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