A member of the Synodal liturgical Commission deacon Vladimir Wasylyk spoke in support of the bill on protection of honor and dignity of the President of the Russian Federation and stated that the place of the detractors of Vladimir Putin – “in the bucket”, the website “Russian folk line”, having taken the cleric interview.

Deacon, who is also the candidate of philological Sciences, candidate of theology, associate Professor, Institute of history, St. Petersburg state University, called the criticism of the President, “sin of ham” and the discussion of his personal life – “disgusting”.

According to deacon, Vladimir Putin is suffering from insecurity, despite the system of the FSO: “the head of state can be “poison” to scold, “to rinse” in all social networks and the media.”

“In its origins, the present and the real power goes back to the authority of the Father. The image of the Father and his archetype is integral to social consciousness. Who mocks and “rinse” the ruler of the country, be it a Czar, General Secretary or the President, makes CADS a sin,” he said.

In addition, Wasylyk said that Roman law was the law on insulting the greatness of the Romans, it was later ported to the identity of the Princeps. According to him, “without the law on the protection of honor the President can not inspire respect for the powers that be, it is impossible to clear up our media space from the tons of manure that is dumped on the power Posner, bulls, Vishnevsky, Resnick and others”. “Their name is Legion. Legion of the BMA should know their place. Otherwise, they will be destined to place in the bucket”, – summed up the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin February 14 agreed with the proposal to develop and adopt a law that will protect the honor and dignity of the state and of the President of Russia. Later in the day the idea was picked up by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov: it is said that the question of the development of the bill on protection of honor and dignity of the President of the Russian Federation should seriously consider.

Deacon of the Russian Orthodox Church promised critics “place in the bucket” 16.02.2017

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