Candidates for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic and Republican parties, Hillary Clinton and Donald trump held a first debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead (new York), reports Reuters.

Clinton began her speech with the question, “who is able to take on their shoulders a terrible responsibility of the presidency” in the United States. In his introductory remarks, she listed social and economic problems, to solve which it will seek in the event of election victory.

Trump, in turn, said that his opponent has sufficient stamina to be President. According to him, the President also needs to be able to “make deals”, and ex-Secretary of state, according to trump, do not have this capacity.

Clinton rejected the rebuke, and said with irony: he will run for 112 countries of the world and will hold a negotiation, let him try to testify to Congress duration of 11 consecutive hours, “and then let him talk to me about stamina” (quoted by TASS).

Opponents also argued on economic and trade issues. Trump, in particular, noted that Clinton’s “30 years doing these things and only now thinking about solutions.” He called the North American trade agreement NAFTA “the worst deal in history”. The deal was made the husband of Hillary Clinton – former U.S. President bill Clinton.

Clinton admitted that has not always been consistent when voting on trade pacts. But she told an opponent: “I know Donald, that you live in your own reality.”

Trump said that if he wins the election to change the conditions Washington’s participation in NAFTA. “We should change the terms of trade agreements,” said the billionaire. He noted that the existence of a free trade area at the present time the most wins Mexico, not the United States. “NAFTA is not working,” he said. Trump suggested that Clinton ought to get the best conditions for Washington in the sphere of trade, when she served as Secretary of state.

Trump on nuclear potential: “Russia is expanding its capabilities”

Donald trump on the debate has also announced that it considers its nuclear Arsenal, which includes Russia, more powerful than the United States. The billionaire said that “Russia is expanding its capabilities in regard to nuclear weapons. “They have more new tools than we do,” said the Republican, speaking about the nuclear Arsenal of Russia. Trump assured that many American B-52 bombers are obsolete. “We do not have time for other countries”, – said the candidate. He stressed that nuclear weapons, not climate change “is the most serious threat to the United States.”

Hillary Clinton, according to TASS, in response once again stated that trump can not be allowed nuclear weapons.

Clinton has accused Russia of cyber attacks

Not spared the presidential candidates attention to a scandal cyber attacks on the servers of the US Democratic party. Earlier American authorities have put forward the version that the hackers were hired by Russia, which is trying to influence the election.

Clinton at the debate again blamed the attack on Russia, and directly accused trump in that he has invited the Russians.” Trump denied the charges and said that the involvement of Russia is not proved. “Nobody knows whether it was Russia. Maybe it was China,” he said, adding that “partly agree” that the United States should confront the cyber threats from other countries.

After the debate, according to CNN, trump told reporters that he was satisfied with his performance. According to the survey conducted after the debate, Clinton was considered the winner in the battle of the candidates 62%, and trump’s 27%.
At the same time, presenting the results of the survey, leading CNN noted that “the target audience, in which the survey was conducted, consisted of 41% of the supporters of the Democratic party and 26% of the supporters of the Republican party.”

October 9 the second debate of the presidential candidates will be held at the University of Washington in St. Louis (Missouri) and 19 October at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas state. NV) will host the final round. The debate between the candidates for the post of Vice-President – Timothy Kane (Democrat) and Mike Pence (Republican) – scheduled for October 4 at Longwood University in Farmville (Virginia).

Debate of candidates in presidents and Vice-presidents are considered to be one of the key events in the political life of the country at the final stage of the campaign. Their purpose is to clarify the positions of candidates on issues of domestic and foreign policy.

Debate of candidates in presidents of the United States: trump said that the nuclear potential of Russia more powerful than the American 27.09.2016

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