In management of Federal service of court bailiffs (USFP) in the Tomsk region came up with a new method of coercion of debtors alimony to pay the bills. The head of the Agency Vladyslav Skoryk proposed to deprive such citizens of the hunting licenses and to limit their right to acquire arms.

“Man has the ability to buy a gun, get a license and go hunting. Can be quite expensive. The question arises, why has this debt not be repaid? Especially child support”, – quotes Skoryk “Siberian news Agency”.

According to UFSSP in the region, there are about 17 thousand of debtors alimony, and the total amount of the debt exceeded 2.8 billion rubles. With the beginning of the year, police officers have collected from debtors according to the alimony a total of about 128 million rubles.

Bailiffs may arrest the account of the alimony, temporarily limit their ability to control the car and prevent them from travelling abroad to collect debts. According to Skoryk, in Tomsk region there are nine thousand persons of the debtors, a third of them – the alimony.

The debtors in this region often try to hide from the bailiffs during their visits. So, in September the bailiffs came to the two child support debtors in the city of Kolpashevo. In one case the debtor was a 25-year-old citizen of Kazakhstan – hid from bailiffs in a cupboard, and when he found there “bent in three deaths”, explained that he was afraid of deportation. Another dedicated to you – young woman – enforcement officers found hiding under piled on the bed mattress and blankets, reported UFSSP.

“Dead souls”

The Director of the Federal bailiff service of Russia Arthur Parfenchikov has called for the deletion of the number of debtors alimony “dead souls”, reports TASS.

“According to our data, more than 31 thousand Executive manufactures about collecting of the alimony debtors are wanted for more than a year, and about five thousand – more than five years,” he said, speaking on 28 November at a coordination meeting in the FBS on the issues of alimony.

Given that some of these debtors are anti-social lifestyle, they may no longer be in this world, suggested Parfenchikov.

Debtors alimony in Siberia want to take hunting, “not cheap” 28.10.2016

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