The investigative Committee in the Tomsk region investigating the death of a young Bank employee as a result of the attack on him maral (a subspecies of red deer).

According to preliminary data, 29 September, 24-year-old member of the Tomsk branch of one of banks came to the village, Vangater e-mail, to check the individual businessman engaged in agricultural production, property which is pledged to the financial institutions, reported on the website of the UK.

The young man went to the fenced area where the equipment that he needed to photograph and also a few deer. One of them attacked the young man and began stabbing him with its horns. The inspector died on the spot.

The incident is conducted preliminary examination, the results of which procedural decision will be made. Investigators are interviewing witnesses, appointed a forensic examination shall notify the IC.

According to “Russian newspaper”, the deceased was an employee of the regional branch of “Rosselkhozbank” and the farmer bred them for fun.

Maral is not listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation, but are included in the Red data book of Krasnoyarsk Krai with the status of an isolated group under threat of extinction. In some regions, illegal hunting of deer at the wrong time is punishable by a fine. At the same time, deer are bred to reindeer farms annually spilivaya, the young horns – antlers.

Deer gored to death a member of “Russian agricultural Bank”, which have appeared suddenly with check to Tomsk farmer 30.09.2016

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