In Poland found a video of the “secret” meetings of former Prime Minister Donald Tusk with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, held on the day of the plane crash near Smolensk on 10 April 2010 which killed President Lech Kaczynski. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz in an interview with Gazeta Polska, otryvki of which leads to the”Radio Poland”. The full interview will be published on 19 October.

As stated, Mazurewicz, Tusk met with Putin (then Prime Minister), Sergei Shoigu, who was then a post of the head of the emergencies Ministry, and representatives of a special Commission convened by President Dmitry Medvedev in the evening of 10 April 2010. Thus, according to the Polish Minister, Tusk did not tell anybody about his meeting with Putin.

In addition, Macierewicz said that the version of the disaster, which was presented by the Polish Prime Minister, is not consistent with the conclusions announced later by the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) Commission and former Minister of internal Affairs of Poland hedgehogs Miller.

He noted that the story was not Putin “not a word about the birch tree (which, according to the investigation, the plane touched the wing. – Approx., or the fact that the plane flipped over on his back.”

“The key point is that then the conversation Putin and Shoigu contrary to the conclusions of the IAC and the Board of Miller. Has a quite different course of the tragedy”, – said Macierewicz during a call with reporters.

The conclusions of the IAC that the destruction of the left wing of the plane and intense rolling off to the left led to the collision with the birch, were announced nine months after the Committee began its investigation of the crash, according to the journalists.

In mid-September Polish special Commission investigating the causes of the crash near Smolensk, found a number of inconsistencies in the case materials. According to the head of the Commission located Vertinskogo, in particular, it became known that after the crash, the wreckage was moved.

In addition, when comparing case records with “black boxes” it turned out that the Russian version is cut to five seconds of recording, and Polish – three seconds. In the study of the original has been detected “fault signals of the first motor, generator and failure of altimeters”.

One of the leaders of the Commission Kazimierz Nowaczyk said that on the basis of the obtained data, the specialists made a conclusion about the beginning of the destruction of the aircraft, which flew Kaczynski, still up in the air before hitting the ground. He noted that part of the structure of the aircraft fell to the ground 60 metres in front of the birch tree, which crashed into a falling plane. While many of the fragments had traces of fire and soot.

In addition, Nowacek reported that records voice recorder, which recorded the conversations in the cockpit, not hear the voice of the commander Military-air forces of Poland, General Andrzej Blasik. Earlier it was reported that in the cab, except crew, was an outsider, called just the name Blasik.

Earlier, Macierewicz announced the decision to declassify archival material relating to the death of Polish President. We are talking about the documents required for submission to the objective course of events and decisions of previous Commissioninvestigating the disaster.

In September also it became known that Poland is preparing new charges against the Russian dispatchers about the crash of 2010. According to the Polish side, there is reason to suspect managers intentionally bringing the flight to disaster in the air.

The crash of Tu-154 near Smolensk occurred on April 10, 2010. In the end, killing all 96 people aboard including Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife. The delegation of high-ranking officials flew to the mourning events in Katyn. The investigation conducted by both Russian and Polish side.

Defense Minister of Poland told about the “secret” meeting of Tusk and Putin on the day of the plane crash of Kaczynski 18.10.2016

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