Aircraft operating in Iraq anti-terrorist coalition led by the US launched air strike on a funeral procession near the town of Kirkuk, taking her by the accumulation of militants, killing dozens of people, according to the Ministry of defence. Such attacks “have all the hallmarks of war crimes”, said there. The Pentagon stated that it would not deal a blow to the area.

About the deaths of civilians said on Saturday evening the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov. “On 21 October, the Russian reconnaissance recorded an air strike a couple of planes according to the settlement Dacuk, located 30 km South of Kirkuk, where, according to our information, the militants IGIL (“Islamic state” banned terrorist group) no. According to eyewitnesses, a crowd of militants aircraft coalition has adopted the funeral procession. Killed dozens of Iraqi civilians, including women and children,” the statement quoted Konashenkov TASS.

Details about whose aircraft were operating in the area, Konashenkov failed.

Information on the impact on Gakuko, citing doctors and eyewitnesses confirmed RFE. According to these data, killed 15 women, and about 50 were injured. Agency, ANF News information about the air strike was confirmed by the district Governor Dr. Emir Carcerem. The planes flew away unidentified.

Konashenkov added: “We have repeatedly pointed out that such deadly blows
peace settlements that have all the signs of committing war
crimes, be for aircraft of the international coalition almost
daily routine… Too often under the strikes of the coalition aircraft are weddings, funerals, hospitals, police stations and convoys”.

On the eve of the social networks appeared photo, which allegedly depicted the consequences of air strikes on Gakuko. Information is spread through the Turkish-language sources.

The Pentagon denies airstrikes in the area

BBC the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition launched air strikes on a funeral procession in the area. About TASS reported the press service of the command of the operations “Unwavering commitment” (Inherent Resolve), which the coalition is doing in Iraq.

“At the moment we can’t tie the alleged victims among the civilian population with any of the coalition air strikes in the area,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The press service said that the coalition “adheres to processes and procedures designed to minimize all possible risks for the civilian population”.

ISIS tried to attack Kirkuk

On Friday the militants attacked in Kirkuk the number of administrative objects
and a power plant near the town, killed dozens of people.

On Saturday, Iraqi TV announced that the army has restored control over the city. The last pockets of resistance fighters remain one of the city schools. After her assault in Kirkuk have started to remove the state of emergency.

The city Governor Najmaddin Karim expressed the view that
the perpetrators of the attack, the militants could enter the “sleeping box,” which
was formerly organized in the city, and the other could go to Kirkuk under
as refugees, reports “Interfax”.

Defense Ministry accused the coalition air force in the attack on a mourning ceremony in Iraq and the death of tens of people 22.10.2016

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