The world wildlife Fund (WWF) is urging the public to pressure the government of Prime Minister of the Australian state of Queensland Anastasia, Palauk in connection with the destruction of the usual habitat of koalas.

As estimated by conservationists, due to deforestation for agricultural land and for the purposes of timber harvesting in the region within two years and could have died about 180 koalas that live in the South-East of the state, reports The Guardian.

According to environmentalists, over the last two decades because of land development, the number of koalas in the region have dropped by half, and the number of these animals continues to decline. In addition, koalas are dying in road accidents and attacks by dogs.

In New South Wales the total number of koalas has also declined over 20 years by approximately 26%, say scientists. Experts attribute this to the program of deforestation and insufficient control by the authorities of the state. WWF experts urge the governments of both States to deal with the situation and reduce the area of deforestation. They warn that short-sighted policy may in the end put koalas at risk of extinction.

According to statistics, only in the period from 1995 to 2009, the number of koalas that live in the South of Queensland, has decreased 80% – from 59 thousand to 11,6 thousand.

In recent years, Australia has intensified deforestation of large areas of forests to farmland. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of hectares of land. The biggest risk for animals is not itself felling and subsequent burning is used for the cleaning of the territory and its preparation for agricultural needs.

Koala – view dvortsovyh marsupial that lives in Australia. The natural habitat of koalas includes coastal areas on the East and South of Australia, from Adelaide to the North, to the southern part of the Peninsula of Cape York. Koalas of South Australia were largely destroyed in the first half of the twentieth century, but with the help of individuals from the state of Victoria the population of koalas has been restored.

In the early twentieth century, koalas were introduced to Anepe in Western Australia, as well as several Islands off the coast of Queensland, including Kangaroo island and Magnetic island.

Although the Koala has a status of lower risk (low risk), they are still threatened by fires, felling of eucalyptus forests and ticks, brought to Australia from Japan and Indonesia. In Australia has Koala parks under under Brisbane and Perth, there is an international organization Australian Koala Foundatio for conservation of koalas and their habitat.

In 2015 in the Australian state of Victoria by order of the government were killed 686 koalas. Authorities explained the decision as a redundancy of population, which, according to them, would have led to starvation of animals.

Deforestation in Australia could lead to the deaths of dozens of koalas in two years, estimated environmental 18.05.2017

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