The Supreme court of Denmark has cancelled the scandalous decision of the lower court, which recognized the three young men innocent of raping a 17 year old girl. The victim, who suffers from diabetes, was found unconscious on the street.

The Danish Thetis came to the conclusion that the condition of the victim ruled out the possibility of sex by mutual desire. Now two young men going to prison for eight months, and their partner for six months, writes The Post.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case in September 2014, three malefactors who at the time was 17 years old, sexually abused by the age. The crime was committed in Herfolge (a suburb of køge in region Zealand.

The victim was found lying in the bushes next to the building where held solemn meetings and activities of the local commune. Near the victim was lying insulin pump, disconnected the pipe.

On the body of the victim was recorded the injuries as abrasions and torn skin. Also, the doctors discovered injuries to the vagina and anus of the victim.

It is known that the day the girl was resting at a party where he consumed alcohol and lost control of himself. She later admitted that for the first time in my life got drunk. Only the victim used 12 containers with alcohol, reports the BBC.

The sugar level in the blood of victims is several times higher than normal.

In April, the district court in Roskilde has come to the conclusion that the group sex with the victim was consensual, although the two suspects had not even entered her in a conversation during sex and didn’t know her name. The basis for withdrawal of consent to sex was only the fact that the victim before the rape was dancing with one of the suspects.

According to the results of the trial, the Teens were acquitted. This verdict caused a storm of indignation in society. In Denmark, began protests demanding to bring rapists to justice. In defense of the victims made by human rights organizations and feminists.

According to the international organization Amnesty International, in Denmark the majority of rapists go unpunished, because less than half of such cases are the subject of proceedings in court.

Denmark cancelled the acquittal of the three teenagers who raped a 17-year-old girl with diabetes 17.08.2016

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