Deputies of the State Duma of the new convocation banned the use of official cars at a distance greater than 50 kilometers from Moscow.

“It is the request of the plant Manager of the President”, – TASS was told by a member of the Duma Committee on rules and organization of work of the lower chamber of Parliament Vladimir Pozdnyakov of the Communist party faction.

He explained that previously, MPs could move state-owned cars to the border of the suburbs and when I travel outside of the region needed a permit. “But in the internal documents of the presidential administration, indeed, this article is about the limitation of 50 km, he said. But it didn’t work”.

The decree on the prohibition to travel on official cars from Moscow further than 50 km, was done in oral form, reports RT with reference to sources in the state Duma. “Now it is not just a recommendation, and a ban,” said one of the sides of the channel.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy and entrepreneurship Evgeny Fedorov from the “United Russia” expressed the opinion that “this is done in order to save to a higher mileage deputies traveled by another mode of transport – train or train”.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma transport Committee Alexander Starovoytov of the liberal democratic party said that most of his colleagues represent the regions, so travel around the Moscow region on cars, they are often unable for personal purposes. “If, say, the Deputy from Bashkortostan and Irkutsk – why would he go, for example, in Pushkino? he asked a rhetorical question. He’s got the voters there. That is, most likely, he will go there for personal reasons, unrelated to the performance of professional duties.”

Thus, the channel, members will not be able to use the government car, for example, to visit Sergiev Posad, the distance to which from Moscow is 52 km According to the interlocutors RT, the new limit is intended to discipline the newly minted parliamentarians, which previously it was deprived of the opportunity to vote instead of their absent colleagues by power of attorney and under the threat of financial liability for truancy.

However, recall that President Vladimir Putin and a half times increased the number of cars with “flashers” to the state Duma of the new convocation. In accordance with its decree of 25 October, the lower house now relies 12 vehicles with devices for giving special light and sound signals instead of the eight stipulated earlier. Will affect whether the travel ban in the far suburbs is not clear.

Deputies of the state Duma forbade to ride on cars beyond 50 km from Moscow 07.11.2016

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