Deputy energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov at the St. Petersburg international gas forum commented on the statement of the head of Sberbank and former Minister of economic development of Russia Herman Gref about the end of the oil era in Russia by 2030.

Of hydrocarbons in Russia will last at least 40-50 years, he said.
According to RIA “Novosti”, Kirill Molodtsov also said that increased production of tight oil reserves. By 2020, production growth of these reserves will amount to 50 million tons a year amid rising demand for energy in the world.

Before the Ministry of energy reported that oil production of stranded (TRIZ) in Russia by 2020, according to the plan, will increase to 50 million tons a year amid rising demand for energy in the world.

Thus, for example, in the draft development strategy of mineral resources base of the Russian Federation till 2030, available on the website of the Federal Agency for subsoil use (Rosnedra), saidthat Russia provided legkodelimae reserves of oil for just 20 years, while the share of unconventional oil in the country in recent years greatly increased and reached 65% of the total.

On the eve of Herman Gref saidthat the resource economy based on the competitive advantage of “monorakurs” ends. Rossiyayskie economy that is focused only on oil and gas exports, will be completed by 2028-2030 year, and return to high oil prices will not, he said.

“We should speak about finding new speakers that we need to diversify the economy. This is now more and more people think. Experts say this long time ago, and I think the people in power today are already quite well aware of this situation,” he said.

In June at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) German Gref saidthat the present structure of the Russian economy without oil is impossible.

According to him, there are two points of view: first, the point of view of oil is that the “oil Paradise aren’t going anywhere”. The second alternative technologies of energy production will be comparable and even much better performance than traditional sources.

As for Russia, while other countries are developing alternative energy sources, Russia is trying to negotiate with OPEC on oil prices, then reminded Gref, and recent events only confirm his opinion.

Deputy head of energy Gref said that hydrocarbon reserves will last for a longer period of time 04.10.2016

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