Ukrainian MP from the radical Andrey Lozovoy indicated in his e – Declaration for 2015 in addition to leased cars and apartments a collection of 72 icons, a unique icon of the XVI century, the cross-enkolpion with the Holy relics of the XIII century (pectoral cross-skladen with the image of Jesus Christ and the Holy relics inside, which is designed to protect people from a variety of misfortunes) and a membership card of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko.

On October 30 Ukraine ended the deadline for the submission of electronic declarations. In March 2016 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on electronic Declaration with amendments of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Now Ukrainian civil servants and officials of local self-government are obliged to declare not only real estate, but also vehicles, securities, corporate rights, cash, funds in Bank accounts or other financial institutions, precious metals. The Declaration must specify and intellectual property rights that can be valued in monetary terms.

In addition, the Declaration shall be subject to any valuable personal property (jewelry, personal or home electronic equipment, clothing, works of art, Antiques and the like), the cost of which exceeds 100 minimum wages (121 800 hryvnias, or about $ 4,700).

As reported, the Ukrainian newspaper “Today”, in addition to the cult objects in the report the people’s choice reflected other income: eight paintings of the XVI century, five pairs of hours (Ullyse Nardin, Perrelet, Romain Jerome, Zenith), 186 bottles of vintage wines, English and Dutch furniture of the XIX century, the collection of cold weapons of the XIX-XX centuries, the rented Toyota Sequoia and the Kiev apartment (39 sq m).

In addition to the annual parliamentary salary (69 490 hryvnia, more than $ 2,700), Lozova declared resources associated with the implementation of parliamentary powers (80 559 UAH, 3160 dollars), $ 50 000, 150 000 and 800 000 UAH (31 379 dollars) in cash.

According to the electronic declarations of the people’s representatives, they generally prefer to keep the money “under the pillow” – in the form of cash savings in different currencies, and various luxury items.

Another Ukrainian MP Anatoliy Matvienko said in the Declaration the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary in the village Byrlivka near the city of Bershad, Vinnytsia region. As reports a site “Left coast”, the MP built it himself and in the summer of 2016, decided to give Bershadskaya city Council, allowing the use of the temple for worship of any denomination “to create a Single local Ukrainian Church.”

By the way, this caused conflict with the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, which for more than a year served in this Church. The request of the Metropolitan of Tulchyn and Bratslav Ionafan to pass the Church in the gift of the Patriarchate of Moscow City Council Bershad rejected. That same summer, the Verkhovna Rada appealed to the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew with a request to grant autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (independence from the Moscow Patriarchate). Members were asked to “annul the act of 1686 (on the transfer of the Kyiv metropolis in the canonical jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarch) as adopted with violation of the sacred canons of the Orthodox Church.” And in July President Petro Poroshenko appealed to the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew with a request to create a single local Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrey Lozovoy under the new rules declared Holy relics, icons and your membership card 31.10.2016

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