Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva disagreed about the necessity of teaching in the universities of the Russian language and speech culture. At that time, as Vasiliev intends to punish the leadership of educational institutions that assign a watch designed for the study of the Russian language in teaching other subjects, Golodets pointed out that those who have not learned Russian language at school, in higher education, nothing to do.

The discussion arose during the meeting of the Council on the Russian language under the Russian government, when one of the participants reported that in many parts of the high school subject “Russian language and speech culture” passed in the variable part, should be mandatory. According to her, this was reported by representatives of many regions during yesterday’s meeting of the Federal Agency for nationalities on the state language policy. According to TASS, the reporter noticed that, in practice, it has received “serious consequences” because the rectors took the hours provided for classes of Russian in learning a foreign language.

“They violate all that is possible, this item is mandatory. We know the list of universities where it is violated, and take appropriate decisions,” criticized the address of the rectors of the Minister Vasileva.

However, Deputy Prime Minister Golodets has noticed that Russian language is studied at school and at University to spend on it time is impractical. “If we have a child in school can not learn to speak Russian, then why are we gathered here? We have a high school graduate should be fluent in the language. But you understand that we already subtracted from the student’s time in his professional career?” – asked she.

“We have to prepare someone in high school completely to study at the University. And if he can’t speak Russian, how did he get into this University? So, let’s check such cases as we are in the universities children do not speak Russian”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Vasiliev, by contrast, said that the level of teaching the Russian language should be improved. In her opinion, in order for the graduates of schools wrote and spoke intelligently, “ten years is necessary to change the preparation of the exam on the Russian language”. “If you’re this discipline to clean up, we’re gonna fight” – again she threatened rectors of universities.

Then Olga Golodets pointed that the meeting, which is the study of the Russian language in the school curriculum is given 2 thousand hours. “What? We have over 2 thousand hours can’t teach a child? Despite the fact that we and salary levels are increasing, and improving the skills of throwing. It means that something is wrong in the teaching methods?” – she suggested.

The head of Federal Agency on Affairs of nationalities Igor Barinov during the workshop “Language policy in education: a tool of forming all-Russian civic identity”, said that in the national republics and towns dangerously decreased level of Russian language proficiency.

“The huge threat is the decreasing level of Russian language proficiency, this is especially true for the national republics, for small towns, for villages,it is important for indigenous peoples, for the children of migrants. And this problem must be solved in the shortest possible time”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.

The official noted that the need to teach Russian language for children who come to school, turns out to be “failures” on other items which are then never kompensiruet. He gave an example of successful overcoming of this problem in primary school children from the national republics studied Russian as a foreign language – all subjects given in the textbooks on national and Russian languages. The project was implemented in the Caucasus and in Tatarstan.

“The program showed a very high efficiency. And in fact, by fourth grade, the gap has disappeared. Children started to speak and know Russian as well as peers, but the failure in other subjects not occurred. Sorry if I’m not mistaken, in 2014, this project ceased to exist, he was a pilot, as an experiment,” – said Barinov, proposing to raise funds for the project.

The speech of the head of Department was supported by the participants, concerned with the problem of study and preservation of languages of the peoples of Russia, said “Russian newspaper”.

On the eve of the meetings of the government and the Agency for the Affairs of nationalities of the activists from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Buryatia, and Komi Republic published an open letter to the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva with a request to save the Russian language in the national republics.

“Meet us, the parents of pupils of Russian schools of the national republics and read with our opinion about the modern education in the republics, where mostly Russian and Russian-speaking population”, – quotes the document website Cont.

The defenders of Russian said that Russian-speaking children in the national regions are eligible for the same number of Russian lessons, as the children of Moscow, and must have the ability to opt out of the study of minority languages. About the reaction of the Ministry of education on appeal are not reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets and Minister of education Vasilyev publicly argued about the teaching of Russian in universities 27.10.2016

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