A resident of Krasnoyarsk Alexander lang, tired of the constant blackouts, arrange a tea party at city hall. Their actions, the man explained that he couldn’t warm water at home, where once again turned off the light for the whole day. His protest of the Krasnoyarsk territory has attracted the attention of local media, but representatives of the city hall it never came. In turn, energy said that the shutdown was planned.

Lang came to the property early Monday morning, October 24, after his apartment at Railway area, street Karla Marksa, house 177 turned off the light. A Krasnoyarsk brought an electric kettle which is put in place in the socket, a mug and a cookie. Lang invited everyone to join the tea party. The report about the campaign to the administration, the man posted on his page in sotsseti “Vkontakte”.

In particular, lang recorded a video message from the mayor’s office to all Krasnoyarsk citizens, in houses which turned off the light. “We also turned off the light on the answering machine message, before the end of the day. How would morning. For example, the child should be in school – he’s hot can neither drink nor eat. I also would like hot coffee or tea with biscuits, but no way. The lights turned off for the whole day. This is not the first time it’s happened, so forced to walk in the city, here to put the kettle on. Here, made myself, made the tea. Here have a cookie. So here we are now to Breakfast,” he told the Krasnoyarsk on the video.

To protest tea party Langa joined the correspondent of TV channel “STS-prima”. From Krasnoyarsk told the journalist that complained to the authorities about the constant blackouts on the phone, but “no good”. “Well, actually, I have done nothing here,” said the organizer of the tea party.

The reporter asked why lang did not go to protest in IDGC (interregional distribution grid company structure, engaged in distribution of electricity. – Approx. NEWSru.com). “There is likely to immediately expel. Somehow the impression is that here they do all our problems and concerns, well, as they say, to one place,” – said the Krasnoyarsk territory.

According to the channel, after tea lang city authorities called energy with a request to investigate the situation. In the IDC said that the trip planned and have to wait.

Lang was sitting in the administration space of about five hours, according to the portal NewsBabr. In all that time to sipping tea man so no one came. In the commentary edition of the Krasnoyarsk confidently stated that written complaints nobody responded: “We live in a modern city with all the infrastructure. Everything should work like clockwork, but for some reason it is not. Even the treatment of my – if I wrote them somewhere, too, will be no effect absolutely. All understand it”.

The tea party also joined in each Krasnoyarsk citizen Roman Romanov, who spoke about their experiences on its website 24velo.com. According to him, he “did not call anyone to anything, not agitated, not promoted, just drinking tea, first one, then with the TV “STS-prima”.

Desperate because of the constant blackouts from Krasnoyarsk have arranged a tea party at city hall (VIDEO) 25.10.2016

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