Apartment house in the city of Ivanovo on a street in Minsk, partially destroyed in the result of explosion of household gas on Sunday, will be demolished after the end of the investigation, reported “Interfax” the head of the city Vladimir Sharypov. PE victims were six people.

According to him, the experts recognized the 63B house on the street of Minsk emergency and, in accordance with their conclusion of the interdepartmental Commission took a decision on the demolition. Now the house and surrounding area under heavy guard by the police, where investigations are continuing.

As noted in the message of the city administration and all citizens who lived in this house, get an apartment in the framework of a special sub-programme “Relocation of citizens from failing housing Fund” of the municipal program “Providing with qualitative housing and services of housing and communal services of the population of the city.”

Explosion of household gas in a two-story brick trichodesmium house in Ivanovo occurred at 04:15 on Sunday. The explosion occurred in one of the apartments on the second floor, shattering the Central part of the house. According to the MOE, was hit by a construction in two apartments on the second floor and the roof of the building.

Six people were killed, including four-year-old girl. Four people were hospitalized with serious injuries. In the afternoon on Sunday , RIA “Novosti” reported that doctors managed to stabilize one of the occupants admitted to the intensive care unit. Three residents with injuries, medical aid rendered on the spot.

Destroyed by a gas explosion in Ivanovo house demolished 06.11.2016

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