Arrested in Prague by the Russian hacker, who, according to media reports, suspected of attacks on the US, is actually involved in the hacking user accounts LinkedIn. When it comes to the hacking that happened a few years ago, not about recent attacks on American political organizations, reports Reuters.

In the spring of this year, LinkedIn reported that the unknown hacker managed to steal 117 million passwords of users of the service. It was about the hackingthat occurred back in 2012, but then in administration LinkedIn reported that in the hands of the attackers were only 6.5 million user passwords.

Reassessment of the scale of the hacking of 2012 occurred this spring and was connected with the fact that a hacker, hiding under the name of Peace, put up for sale a database containing over 100 million user passwords from LinkedIn, whilst it is about 2.2 thousand dollars.

On the eve of the police of the Czech Republic declared that the detention of a Russian citizen suspected in hacker attacks in the United States, was “another example” of effective cooperation of criminal police and the American FBI.

The Czech interior Ministry indicate that the appearance of police officers at the hotel began to suspect such a surprise that he offered no resistance. Immediately after arrest the hacker was unconscious, police gave him first aid and then the suspect was hospitalized.

The journalists of ABC News to clarify that the suspect is a citizen of Russia Evgeny N. It is reported that his arrest occurred on October 5, but information about it was kept secret for “tactical reasons”.

According to TV channel, October 12 the municipal court of Prague left the Russians under arrest until, until you resolve the question of his extradition. It is noted that Washington has two months to guide the Czech colleagues a formal request for transfer of the suspect to the jurisdiction of the American authorities.

Information about the detention of a Russian citizen in the Czech Republic confirmed in Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country. “The Embassy was officially notified of this. In the text of the notification it is stated that the detention was carried out at the request of the court of one of the States of the USA. The Embassy is making every effort to protect the interests of the Russian citizen. Work with his lawyer,” – said in a diplomatic office.

While the Russian Embassy stressed that Moscow rejects “the United States imposed throughout the world practice the exercise of extraterritorial jurisdiction.” “Insist on the transfer of the detainee is a Russian citizen in Russia”, – concluded the diplomat.

Social network for search and establishment of business contacts LinkedIn was founded in 2003 in California. Currently, its audience is more than 400 million users from 200 countries. In the summer of 2016, the company Microsoft announced the acquisition on LinkedIn over 26.2 billion dollars.

Detained in Prague Russian hacker suspected of hacking into the social network LinkedIn 20.10.2016

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