Died in Moscow the fourth member of the “gang GTA”, which has managed to disarm guards and take them hostage in the building of the Moscow regional court. Earlier it was reported that during the firefight, three bandits were killed and two seriously injured. The fifth offender remains in serious condition, according to TV channel REN TV.

According to journalists, the office of the Moscow regional court, in which occurred the day before the shooting, Wednesday, was opened for meetings. All the proceedings were moved to another room of the court. In the attack the bandits were also injured three law enforcement officers, marks the channel.

Day, August 2, Deputy Regardie Sergei Melikov said that in the power Department do not believe that the elimination of the members of the “gang GTA” in the Moscow regional court can be considered as extrajudicial violence. “There are a lot of rumors, but if you think about it, for extrajudicial killings could find more simple and not so sophisticated way,” he explained.

Melikov also said that the security forcesinvolved in the neutralization of the “gang GTA”, which managed to disarm guards and take them hostage, were aimed fire, and could not hurt each other. However, he stressed that the final response on this occasion will give ballistics.

On the same day, the court said that the possible escape of the most dangerous members of the”gang GTA” after the attack on the convoy prevented the soldiers of Regardie, which that day provided security held in the downstairs process on the high-profile case against the former head of the city administration of Miass Victor Arabesco and eight other alleged members of his gang accused of robbery and a series of assassinations.

The defendants in Elevator attacked a convoy, took possession of their service weapon was taken hostage and brought to the courtroom located on the third floor, which just completed hearings in the case Arabesco, but were still members of the police and Regardie who blocked the path of criminals and those “trying to escape, opened fire”,-told the press Secretary of the Moscow regional court Natalia Osipova.

However, she explained that because of the incident by order of the leadership of the Moscow regional court was conducted emergency evacuation of citizens and employees, who within 30 minutes were outside the building, and then returned to their jobs.

Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov later said that the guards of the “gang GTA” has committed a gross violation of instructions, and in this regard, “some staff and management will be responsible”. However, he appreciated perfectly the actions of OMON fighters of Regardie involved in the neutralization of the bandits, and said that they will be submitted to the awards.

Died the fourth member of the “gang GTA”, attacked the guards in the building of the Moscow regional court 02.08.2017

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