The General Director of the Russian division of eBay Vladimir Dolgov died Friday, November 11, on 58-m to year of life after the disease, according to video News Service.

Information about his death was confirmed by several sources – the head of the RAEC Sergei plugotarenko and Advisor to the President of Russia on the development of the Internet Herman Klimenko in Facebook and a spokesman for eBay Karina Grosheva.

TASS the company added that it happened at 12:30 Moscow time. RIA “Novosti” in the company did not specify the cause of death, saying only that the Debt was sick.

The name of the new head of the Russian office of eBay is named after the funeral Dolgov.

Vladimir Dolgov was born on 6 June 1959 in Kiev, graduated from the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT), where he was a classmate Andre Geim in 2010 received the Nobel prize in physics for “groundbreaking experiments regarding the twodimensional material graphene”.

Debt has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences in his early career he worked in the Institute of atomic energy. I. V. Kurchatova, since 1992 has worked in such companies as CompactBook Publishing, R-Style, “LUKOIL-inform”. Have Dolgov was also an MBA from the University of California.

“C IT all happened almost by accident, he said in 2012 in an interview with Russian Forbes. – With friends we have developed a projection scanner – the first in the country to have a antediluvian HP, insanely expensive. Our scanner could scan a sheet of paper and the scenery outside the window. Unwound, began to sell – it was a good business.”

After that, Debts with friends switched to promising at the moment media: “make beautiful guides to Moscow, two years were digitized encyclopedia Great Soviet, “Cyril and Methodius”, a Large encyclopedic dictionary. Laugh now: throwing physics, I have made a great contribution to “encyclopedic knowledge”.

“As soon as it became clear to me that the Internet is replacing the media drive was gone. As in sports: 2,50 you’ve already jumped, and of 2.80 you don’t take ever. And I went to the Internet,” he added.

Debt liked to start from scratch and change my field of activity. From 2000 to 2005, he worked in the Internet-shop Ozon, where he grew up with the technical Director to the head of the company. In 2005 has headed the Russian division of Google. When he arrived at Google, the company had only two employees.

Russian eBay, he led in 2012, since its opening. From January 2016 the position of Director of business development eBay in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe.

Died the head of the Russian eBay Vladimir Dolgov 11.11.2016

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