Director Dmitry Meskhiev is not going to remove the name of the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medina from the credits of his film “the Wall”, which indicates that the picture is removed on motives of works of the head of the Ministry of culture. About TASS said the Director himself.

Previously Executive Director of the Russian military historical society chaired by Medinsky, Vladislav Kononov wrote in Twitterthat Medina “was asked to remove his name from the credits, but it was too late.” Kononov called the picture “an epic failure”.

“That’s not true. When we talked after viewing the pictures, Vladimir Rostislavovich (Medina) – and rightly – said that this is not a direct adaptation, but based on his works, and we agree. It is suggested this is not a Directive, no failure or something, then no. In the air we were: in the credits was “explanation”. Nothing needs to be changed,” said Meskhiev, answering the question of whether Medina was required to remove his name from the credits.

While Kononov said that the Minister of culture is the desire is still expressed. “I talked about it personally, not from Medina, but I know that his party wishes to remove the name from the credits sounded. Moreover, he tweeted yesterday that the film “the Wall”, aired on the night of 4 into 5 November, is an author’s project Director Meshieva, and almost no relation to the novel is not” – said Kononov.

The Minister of culture after the TV premiere of the film, actually wrote in his Twitter: “Last TV channel “Russia 1″ showed a film “the Wall” (based on my book). Everyone asks, like it or not. Answer: it is completely a film of DM. Meshieva. Unfortunately, the film has to the novel extremely remote. In my opinion – no”.

In April, Medinsky in an interview with TASS also said that if he doesn’t love the adaptation of the novel “the Wall”, he will remove his name from the credits.

Published in 2012 the novel “the Wall” – the first work of fiction Medina. It tells of the struggle for Smolensk in 1632-1633 years of the Russian troops, the opposing army of the Polish-Lithuanian king władysław IV Vasa.

Director Meskhiev will not remove the name Medina from the credits of the film “the Wall” 07.11.2016

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