Kirovsky district court of Samara found guilty of fraud of the General Director of the Volga design Bureau (VCB) rocket-space Corporation (RKK) “Energy” Vladimir Ryabov and sentenced him to fifteen years imprisonment. The Prosecutor insisted on a more stringent sentence, the Prosecutor asked the court to appoint Ryabov punishment in the form of 4,5 years of a colony and the penalty in 500 thousand rubles, reports TASS.

The assistant Prosecutor of the Samara region Natalia Choi explained that Ryabov will serve his sentence in a penal colony, without payment of a penalty. During the trial, the defense Director of the CMA asked the court to take into account the fact that 67-year-old Ryabov suffering from serious diseases.

The trial in this case started in Samara on 14 October. Ryabov was accused of committing fraud in especially large size with use of office position, with the result that the Russian budget in the face of “Roscosmos” has suffered damages in the amount of not less than 25 million rubles.

According to investigators, VKB RSC Energia under the program of “Roscosmos” for 2010-2015 has fulfilled the state order for manufacture of two installations of temperature control in inappropriate conditions and without appropriate licenses. The cost of a number of works have been greatly exaggerated. The prosecution insisted that Ryabov as a leading person, was aware of exactly how performed these works.

In September 2014, the court issued the sentence to former Deputy Director General of the VKB RSC Energia Mikhail Firstov, which received 2,5 years of a colony-settlements for the creation of the company that made substandard components for rockets in the garage boxes Samara.

Then it was reported that design Bureau, which is a “daughter” of OJSC “Rocket-space Corporation “Energy”, in 2008, received an order from the head of the enterprise on manufacture of the equipment for rocket-space complexes in the framework of the modernization of missiles “RN-UNION”. In 2009 Firstov created LLC “ENKA”, members of which were his relatives.

Then Firstov convinced Vladimir Ryabov to conclude with “Incomum” contract to manufacture parts for missiles worth over 14 million rubles. The products of OOO “ENKA” was sent to the Chelyabinsk oblast on Ust-Katav car plant named after Kirov, where, as reported, has been successfully tested. However, later tests in Moscow and Baikonur failed.

During the inspection the Prosecutor’s office revealed that the company “Enkom” does not have a license to manufacture components, and the production itself was organized in three rented in Samara the garage boxes. The damage caused to the customers, was valued at nine million rubles. In the end, Firstov was convicted of “abuse of office and illegal entrepreneurship.”

Director of the Samara Bureau rocket and space Corporation “Energy” was put on 1.5 years 02.11.2016

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