Paul Verhoeven, who directed the legendary erotic Thriller “Basic instinct”, complained that in Hollywood we decided to take the “difficult” films with provocative sex.

According to Dutch Director, not once shook the audience with scenes of sex and violence, masthead studios primarily interested in the lucrative market of movie categories PH-13, which allow viewers 13 and older to watch the movie accompanied by an adult and assume the existence of some “sexual context”.

“If you say that it should be a PG-13 rating, there are many things that you can’t afford. You can’t be provocative, can’t be disputed, can’t be sexy, and erotic” – the words quoted Verhoeven Yahoo News. According to him, it makes movies neutral and toothless.

Legendary filmmaker, who directed such hits as “Robocop,” “total Recall,” “showgirls”, “starship troopers”, just introduced in L. A. his film “It” based on the novel by French writer Philippe Gian. This painting, according to critics, is a complex cocktail of sex, violence and black humor. The tape was nominated for “Oscar” for best foreign film from France.

Verhoeven admitted that he had originally wanted to make a film in Hollywood, however, numerous American Actresses one after another refused the role of a woman who after a brutal rape comes into play with the attackers. This prompted the Director to move to France. “There is no problem, as a Director you can do what you wish,” said the Director, calling his move overseas flight.

Director Paul Verhoeven complained about the lack of Hollywood sophisticated provocative sex 14.11.2016

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