If somewhere near you hear the sighs and groans, then maybe you can hear it, crying bitter tears directed by Terry Gilliam, member of the British Comedy group “Monty Python”. He has more than 15 years trying to make a film about don Quixote. However, on Friday, October 14, it became known that his version of the story of the ingenious Hidalgo will offer Disney. The screenplay is charged Billy ray, Creator of “the hunger games”, which was nominated for “Oscar” for the screenplay “Captain Phillips” wrote The Hollywood Reporter.

The sources claim that the novel of Miguel Cervantes will be adapted for wide screen in the spirit of “Daredevil”. It is assumed that disney “don Quixote” will be no less spectacular than “pirates of the Caribbean” that brought the creators nearly a billion dollars.

According to the Institute of Cervantes, “don Quixote” – a delicate, allegorical novel about a travelling knight and the protest against the routine and vulgarity is second only to the Bible in number of translations into foreign languages. This novel reading of 145 languages and dialects, it was adapted for children and adults.

The first volume of the novel by Miguel Cervantes was published in 1605. Within a few years it was translated into English and French, and in the first case, the translators added in the speech of the characters of the characteristic features of Cockney, and the second finished writing a few erotic scenes. The second volume appeared 10 years later, in 1616, Cervantes, who took monastic vows and died in poverty and loneliness. His grave was lost. The remains of the writer found and identified only in 2015.

Disney filmed “don Quixote” in the style of “Daredevil” 14.10.2016

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