DJ from Nigeria Obi set a new world record for the duration of a DJ set. He spent the 240-hour marathon (10 days) on the stage in the cafe of the Nigerian port city of Lagos, reports The Guardian. The previous record performance lasted 200 hours – it staged in the Irish capital Dublin Polish DJ Norbert SELMI in November 2014.

To measure the achievement of Obi are yet to experts of the Guinness Book of records, however, noted that the DJ strictly followed the rules. In particular, he was allowed to do a five-minute break every hour. According to Nigerian newspaper The Guardian, Obi was also allowed a 60-minute break every 12 hours, examination doctors and various types of massage, as well as vitamins.

According to Obi, he fell asleep, closing his eyes for a few seconds, but could not sleep as well aware that will be disqualified. As recognized DJ, he was ready to abandon their action after four or five days of fatigue hallucinations. However, the effort will continued Seth in honor of his father. DJ set started on June 22 ended at 23:30 on 2 July. About how it all happened, he regularly reported in Instagram.

Even the kids are stopping by to come support and taking pics with @djobiajent you can do this ….Go @djobiajent @kcejelonu

Photos published Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jun 26 2016 11:45 PDT

Loved doing the running man to this old school ham back in the day. DAY 5 i see you. I’m still on my feet, the swelling has gone down a little. #DJOBISZN #GLOBALDJOBI #DONTCRACKUNDERPRESSURE #djobiondeck #djobiworldrecord . Chin brought his whole office to work out of Sao cafe today. They’ve been rocking with me all day. Cc @chiniam

Video posted by Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jun 27 2016 at 8:13 PDT

Today was def not the best of days. For the first time in my life i woke up hallucinating, couldn’t recognize my own people. Felt very strange. Was EXTREMELY CRANKY. I forgot my location. Sao cafe looked like my uncle’s house in Bode Thomas ( no joke) from my childhood days i actually almost gave up today. But thanks to God and my people for being there and standing strong and not taking to heart my actions and stubbornness cause it wasn’t me. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!! We are all going to cheer loudly on the 10th day. #DJOBISZN #GLOBALDJOBI #DONTCRACKUNDERPRESSURE #djobiondeck #djobiworldrecord

Photos published Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jun 27 2016 10:39 PDT

Reading these notes help me a lot. THANK YOU!!! #djobiondeck #djobiworldrecord #djobiszn #GLOBALDJOBI #alive

Video posted by Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jun 27 2016 at 9:04 PDT


Photos published Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jul 2 2016 4:00 PM PDT


Photos published Obi Ajuonuma (@djobiajent) Jul 11 2016 11:34 PDT

DJ from Nigeria broke the world record with a 10-day set 12.07.2016

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