The leader of the Orthodox public movement “God’s will” Dmitry Larionov , nicknamed Enteo promised to send to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation the appeal to ban the celebration of Halloween in Russian schools. Simultaneously, the press service of the Ministry said that the calendar of events, which are oriented in the celebrations, does not include this feast.

“I have a purely negative attitude to this holiday, because it is an ancient pagan mystery, dedicated to the God of death, which dates back to the mythology of the ancient druids, Celts and so on. And, of course, such holidays have no place in Russia, it is against our cultural code. But the worst thing is that maybe it’s a trend that public schools mentioned this so-called holiday among children who do not realize what is happening, do not understand that under the guise of a harmless holiday they are, in fact, participate in the pagan mysteries. And this is unacceptable,” said Enteo, in conversation with the Agency urban news “Moscow”.

Enteo promised to write an appeal on October 28, to guide him to the reception by the Minister of education and science to the end of the month. According to him, at present, orders for school holidays are taken at the level of authorities of different regions, however at the moment the need for centralized Directive for government agencies throughout the country. “It is very important to educational institutions, public venues that exist on our taxes, such obscurantism was not”, – concluded Enteo.

The Ministry of education, in turn, explained that the Agency annually generates a calendar of memorable dates and events recommended for Russian schools, relying in the process of formation of Russian history and traditions. “On these holidays and events oriented schools, when carrying out, including holiday events. And there’s no Halloween”, – the Ministry said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

While the Ministry reported that in specialized schools with an emphasis on the study of foreign languages students are sometimes introduced to the all saints ‘ Day, popular in English-speaking countries, but as with the tradition of other countries and take part in traditions of other peoples, not in celebration.

Earlier media reported that parents and activists drafted a petition and sent a letter to the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva with the request “to respond to the wide practice of celebrating in public schools is alien to the traditional Russian values of the holiday”, say the journalists.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the Kirov region Yaroslav Mikhaylov has sent the General and regional Prosecutor’s office a statement, in which he noted that the festive pumpkins and costumes of evil spirits will have to be tested for compliance with the provisions of the so-called “Spring package-Ozerov” on the fight against extremism, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

Mikhailov proposes to prohibit mass celebrations with symbols of Halloween. The holiday itself he describes as a cult: “it’s the juxtaposition of the Holy and religion.” “The ritual of entry into the way of evil spirits through costumes and makeup, the ritual of begging for sweets (feeding of evil spirits), ritual dancing night – in fact, the madness” – explained the lawyer. In his opinion, it is nothing like missionary work to the Gentiles, the spread of the cult of Satan.

Last year the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril has acted with sharp criticism to address of those who celebrated Halloween on the background of the crash of the Russian airliner, which killed 224 people. Mourning in Russia announced on 1 November.

“It is remarkable that the decree of the President today declared a day of national mourning. But I was struck by the message that tonight, celebrating our not obscure for us the holiday is called Halloween in some night clubs and other entertainment establishments exuberantly celebrated this holiday”, – said the Patriarch.

Dmitry Enteo will submit the appeal to the Ministry of education to ban the celebration of Halloween in schools 29.10.2016

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