The Director of the state news Agency “Russia today” and Deputy Director of VGTRK Dmitry Kiselev is a co-owner of the winery in Crimea, which produces champagne premium. About this RBC reported just four sources from among the managers and owners of enterprises of wine industry.

Kiselyov confirmed the Agency, which is one of the owners of the winery t Cock est belle, which produces four thousand bottles a year. According to RBC, on sale champagne “Kiselyov” can do in 2016, after obtaining the production license.

First sparkling wine under the brand name Cock t est belle were presented at the annual meeting of the wine in Abrau Durso in the autumn of last year. After that they took part in private tastings for wine experts. Champagne is named after was built in 2005 Kiseleva estate in Koktebel, which played out the name of this settlement.

RBC notes that in the TV channel “Crimea” in 2010 Kiselev, talking about his participation in the then Ukrainian Crimea, called his friend the present President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Now the TV presenter claims that Poroshenko had called a friend “in this sense, Ukrainian, in which all friends”.

The wine project Kiselev with partners started to develop in 2012. The TV presenter told RBC: “We three families decided to make quality wines for themselves so they have something to drink on vacation”. Other co-owners of the magazine says Voloshin Koktebel winemakers (namesake of the poet Maximilian Voloshin, whose name is closely associated with the Koktebel) and the family of Moscow architects Dmitry Nekrasov and Alexander H.

According to the wife of TV presenter Maria, who is responsible for Finance, only for equipment, the construction of cellars and other work took about 100 thousand euros. The production cost of the bottle, according to her, is about 500 rubles. This year the farm will produce four thousand bottles. After receiving the license to increase production to 10 thousand bottles a year. According to the current business plan, the retail price for a bottle is one thousand rubles.

Recall that the main activity of Dmitry Kiselev, is a Kremlin anti-Western propaganda, for which he got under sanctions of the USA and EU countries. Kiselyov’s efforts in this field are highly appreciated by the Russian authorities – so, he was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree.

Dmitry Kiselev produces premium champagne in the Crimea – in the name of his estate 08.12.2015

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