In Moscow filmed ten serial documentary “Relics of the Kremlin”, which uses the technology of three-dimensional modeling, reports RIA “Novosti”. On the eve of the series, the creation of which took about two months, presented the Director Alain Folomeeva.

According to Folomeeva, the film graphically presents the lost objects of the Kremlin: for example, in a series on destroyed in 1930 Chudov monastery, located in the Eastern part of the Kremlin, the audience will see his three-dimensional model and the reconstruction of modern species.

The film will start showing on television in the near future. The creators hope that it “will be interesting for audiences of all ages”.

“This kind of movies on the Kremlin was not, like that of the Kremlin still has not been told,” says the Metropolitan of Ryazan and Michael mark (Sergey Golovkov), took part in the filming.

“And this, in a sense, was for me the biggest surprise. As you can tell in the series about the intrigues of the Kremlin, Kremlin wives, and so forth. But the shrines of the Kremlin, it turns out, nobody told me,” asks the Metropolitan.

Before the revolution, the Kremlin “was a place open,” anyone could come to pray in its churches, he said and expressed hope that the presented in the documentary “the way of the shrines of the Kremlin” will be a “first step” in order to tell you about the treasures that are hid in him, and about his history.

Director and producer Alain Folomeeva as the second Director participated in the work on the film “Poor Nastya”, “Zone”, “the Submarine”, “Atlantis”, “witch doctor”, “Young and evil”. As written, the Agency Trend, it works “in show business since the age of 15″ and has collaborated with many stars of the Russian stage, in 2005, created a group of young hip-hop mopes Russia “Toys International”, in 2008 – the project “N. E. X. T”.

Recall that in 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to return the Ivanovskaya square of Moscow Kremlin historical appearance with Chudov and ascension monasteries and instructed to develop proposals for the creation of a Museum on the site of the demolished objects.

This idea was supported by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Federal security service of the Russian Federation noted that under the Ivanovo area there are numerous underground undestroyed buildings of the Chudov monastery, including the foundations of two churches, Metropolitan house, fraternal cells and tombs of famous Orthodox hierarchs. “Under the Ivanovo area are huge amounts of archaeological materials, Dating from at least the XIV century,” said historian Sergei Devyatov.

In April 2016 the 14-th building of the Kremlin, which housed the Chudov and Voznesensky monasteries, and also the Small Nikolaevsky Palace was completely demolished in may to dismantle the object inspected Putin, and in August, the President instructed to create on discovered there the remains of the Foundation of the temple of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael Museum complex.

The Ministry of culture was instructed to arrange additional tourist route on the territory of the Kremlin without a visit to the museums, with a separate entrance ticket. The President also offered to open a pass to the tourists through the Spasskaya and Borovitskaya towers.

Documentary series about the shrines of the Moscow Kremlin 20.10.2016

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